Shelly (has Down Syndrome) CARD shower ~ Shower Shelly with Love

 22 November
 PO BOX 347, PALMYRA PA 17078
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 Melanie Brown
Shelly (has Down Syndrome) CARD shower ~ Shower Shelly with Love
*Shelly's BIRTHDAY IS 7/30 This is a GROUP I created for my wonderful loving caring compassionate cousin Shelly ~ please feel free to join at this link Shelly LOVES to get mail. Shelly is in her 40's and has Down's Syndrome. She doesn't get out much nor does she ask for much. Shelly's only livelihood is life at home. Every day she looks forward to see if she got any mail and she loves $1.00 bill in her cards... see not asking for much... doesn't care if it is $5, $10 $20 or higher.....she is tickled to pieces with just $1.00 bill... NO YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ENCLOSE money - simply saying what my cousin loves receiving. <3 I thought it would be a nice to have all my friends and your friends here on Facebook send cards to Shelly. Are you in? Please send cards, etc to Shelly at the following address SHELLY SHENFELD C/O MELANIE BROWN PO BOX 347 PALMYRA PA 17078 USA A couple of you asked about gifts. All will be forwarded to Shelly as this is my address. AGAIN GIFTS ARE NOT BEING REQUESTED - this is in answer to questions I received from several of you! Shelly is not picky and very happy to just get anything. Some ideas * She loves the COLOR PINK!!!!!!!! * Shelly for some reason loves a $1.00 bill in her cards. * McDonald's Iced Tea (Shell LOVES IT) Does McD's have gift cards? * Shelly loves MUSIC especially country music CD's like Blake Shelton and there is a new song by Chris Young called "Neon" that she does not have. * She does watch DVD's but loves music more. * She uses hand lotion and chapstick. * The soap she uses is Coast and Irish Spring. * LINED writing paper ~ SHELLY LOVES PAPER! * Puzzles (for ages under 10 Years) like maybe about 20 pieces or so * Connect the DOTS * Dolls * Stuffed animals * Coloring books * Crayons ***GIFTS ARE NOT EXPECTED*** I simply created this for sending cards to Shelly Please help put a smile on Shelly's face! :)

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