Sheffield Kotei 2015 - Day of New Union

 16 May
 Stoddard Building - Sheffield Hallam University
  - S1 2 - Sheffield - United Kingdom
 Patriot Games
On the 16th (and 17th) Days of the Month of the Dragon we will celebrate the festival known as the Day of New Union… This is traditionally one of the most auspicious days of the year to get married. It would not be an uncommon sight to see multiple weddings in a place as small as a villiage on this festival. It has, for many generations, been considered a harbinger of good luck and prosperity to take ones vows on the Day of New Union. Come and celebrate with us… Where? Location - Sheffield specifically -The Stoddart Building, Sheffield Hallam University, City Campus, Howard Street, Sheffield S1 1WB, UK (Sadly we are unable to use our previous venue for this year, but your plans need not be massively adjusted as this venue is only 100 yards or so away from the Showroom.) Contact info Event Format 20 Festivals Arc Constructed Entry : £25 Pre Registration is available via the tickets link below Saturday 16th Doors open 09:00 for registration Welcome Speeches and Banzai 10:45 Round 1 Starts 11:00 Rounds are 45mins with a 5 min discussion time (Please note that this is not a 5 min extension to the round for you to carry on playing) Any match not reported by the 50th minute will be recorded as a draw. Based on the number of players that are attending the event we will run the following number of Swiss Rounds: Attendance | Number of Swiss Rounds | Match Points Required to make the Cut for Elimination 8-16 | 4 | 9 17-42 | 5 | 12 43+ | 7 | 15 Match Points L5R events utilize a 3 - 0 - 1 point method for match wins. This translates into all match wins award 3 match points, all loses award 0 match points and a draw awards 1 match point There will be a lunch break of 30 minutes after the conclusion of Round 2 [Rough timing Guide for day 1 – 11am start, 45min + 5min per round. Allowing 10min turn around per round (which is generous) and 30 mins lunch, Swiss rounds should end by 6.30 pm allowing for the play in round if one is required to be done by approx. 7.30pm. Should there be a top 16 then this would be played on Saturday Evening allowing for around a 9 to 9:30pm finish. These times are rough and allow generous round timings.] (For top cut games outside of the top 8 players have 45 minutes to play their match. Unlike Swiss there is a built in extension of 15 minutes if no winner is determined at time.) Deck Checks Deck checks must be performed at all Kotei events. Before play commences for the Top 8, all remaining participants' decks will be checked Link to official deck sheet is here Sunday 17th The Top 8 rounds will begin at 09:30 each will be Best of 3, 75 minute rounds with a 15 min built in extension if no winner is determined at time. . The Steel Championships This year we are going for the tried and tested Swiss Tournament. This will be a no top cut event with the number of rounds based on attendance (see above for table). The Steel Championships will Start Registration at 09:30 for 10:30 Start (All Kotei entrants may enter for free any Day 2 Only players can enter for £10) Side Events : Directly from the fevered mind of Paul “Matsu” Moore we bring you the Giant Siege Event (More details will follow once we can get Paul calm enough to write it all down) We will also have opportunities to Draft, to play love letter and we are working on a festival fitting side event as well. Other Stuff Honor Contest: Due to the popularity of the Kotei Cakes the L5R Baking Competition returns as this year's Honour event. Cake Criteria Entries must be presented as a complete and edible Cake* with a list of all ingredients (this does not have to be a recipe but ensures that no one eats something that they are allergic to) And will be judged on : * Creative merit * Taste * Quality of Bake (and whether you baked it) * L5R Theme Please Note: The Cake judging will be held on Saturday (we learned from last year that hot weather is not a friend of the cake) *Cake, for the purpose of this event an entry is considered a cake if it is a recognised type of cake or tray bake that will provide a portion of reasonable size for at least 4 persons. Costume Contest As always there will be a prize for best costume. This will be voted on by the event as a whole Theme Deck Retired a few years ago as the Honour event, but due to my love for theme decks, remains part of our event. There will be a prize for the best theme deck used at the event AND as it is not the honour prize, theme decks may be used in either the Kotei main event or the Steel Championships and still be eligible for the prize. Entries must be handed in on Saturday even if the deck is to be used on the Sunday

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