Shamanic Filipino Batek, Hand-Tap Body Tattooing Workshop

 16 May
 83 Leonard St New York, NY 10013
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 Andrea Takacs-Carvalho
The New York Shamanic Circle invite you to experience this Sacred Shamanic Tradition from the Philippines: Batek, Hand-Tap Body Tattooing Workshop A Spiritual Practice of Uniting Ancestors & Descendants $210 using Paypal (link below) Join us for this rare opportunity to learn the Shamanic Practice of “Batek”. The Kalinga term for body inscriptions or traditional tattoos, Batek, is considered a rite of passage and sacred form of remaining connected to ones ancestors and lineage. Their designs, often representing the animal spirits of the ancestors, are repetitive in nature and convey the importance of continuity of tradition and the family throughout all the generations. Lane Wilken, one of today’s few Mambabatok (Tattoo Practitioners), teaches this ancient spiritual practice from a historical and contemporary perspective while connecting it to the world of indigenous tattooing. In this extraordinary workshop you will learn: • Differences between modern & ritual tattooing • Tools used in the Batek, ritual tattooing practice, & their applications • Its relationship to spirits & guides, mythology, & cosmology • Symbolic representation of the tattoo designs and their power • Shamanic aspects of the practitioner Added Bonus Feature! • Witness a live Batek ritual Whether you are a body artist, shamanic practitioner, or someone who enjoys learning about ancient art forms and practices in Shamanism and Indigenous Traditions, this workshop is for you! Register soon to save your spot For questions or private tattoo ceremonies and healing appointments, contact or call 646.727.0332. More info at Lane's book page:

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