Shamanic Experience 1&2 with Leo Rutherford in Nature of Turkey

 16 May
  - - -
 Dicle Tigris Uludağ
• The workshop will be held in English and translated consecutively into Turkish. • Place of The Workshop: Hindiba (Dandelion) Pension, which is a among green leafed trees in nature, near Mengen • We will be using the nicely heated, wooden big workshop room. • Traveling there: From İstanbul: We will be travel with the Metro Turizm bus. From Ankara (the capital city, which is nearer to Mengen compared to Istanbul) A public bus line will take you in 2 ½ hours to Mengen, where another Omnibus will have to be organised. (A candid video chat with Leo: ) • For enrollment, we kindly ask you to leave a deposit of 300 Turkish lira. • Accomodaiton fee (includes 3 main meals and tea time) will be payed by you directly to the Hindiba staff. • You will be further informed via e-mail on any kind of recommendations on what to bring with you. ______________________________________________ The Shaman’s Path Ancient Ways for our Lives Today Shamanism is the oldest spiritual path on Planet Earth of healing, maintaining balance and harmony in society and the individual, and is part of Turkish history through the Sufi and other mystic traditions. This workshop will take you into the world of the shaman where all is connected and all is energy. It is a path of self-discovery and developing your personal power (Power over Your-Self). The Shamanic Journey is an exploration of altered states of consciousness (trance states) and enables us to gain access to our inner energy world. Shamans know that all dis-ease originates in the energy matrix of our being and “travel” to the source to restore balance and bring healing. This is where we find the patterns and habits that underpin our life. For many of us some of these patterns can lie deeply hidden yet affect us on every level. The Shamanic Journey offers a vehicle where, through connection, we can get information and guidance and create long term change in our life. Trance-Dance brings together body movement, dynamic rhythms, healing sounds, transformational breathing techniques and the innovative use of a blindfold or bandana - together stimulating a trance state that promotes spiritual awakenings, mental clarity and emotional well-being. Driven by unique music Trance-Dance takes participants on an 'inner journey' outside of normal perceptions of space/time. Ritual trance journeys have been a vital part of shamanic and cultures for thousands of years. This contemporary approach to Trance-Dance brings together the richness of these ancient rituals with effective modern techniques. This workshop will explore different ways of entering the shamanic journey, both through movement (trance-dance) and lying-down stillness. The Medicine Wheel teachings are stunningly wonderful multi-dimensional maps of the territory of life within the majesty of the cosmos. Medicine wheels have been used for teaching about the cosmos and how it works since antiquity. They teach the natural order of things, of the human's place in the world and of the deep purpose of life. The Twenty Count teaches of the relationship of humans to the cosmos, and the Star Maiden’s Circle is a profound tool for understanding the psyche and unravelling life issues. It is our human process in a circle and as we traverse around the circle we gain illumination and understanding of our lives and compassion for our self in our daily challenges. All states of consciousness are trance states and it is good to remember that the deepest trance state on Planet Earth is the one we are already in! When we work to journey into an altered state we must first come out of the trance state of normal waking consciousness! Your Medicine is your wisdom gained through life experience. Medicine is power over yourself and thus your ability to respond to life. Your Medicine is what you ‘give-away’ to the world and what you contribute to the evolution of All-That-Is. Ceremony is about ‘stopping the world’ as we ordinarily know it and entering a magical timeless space where everything communicates in symbol and through feeling/sensing. It is in this state that we can deeply connect with the reality behind the apparent reality and we can influence our future to make it closer to our desires. We will have the chance to conduct fire ceremonies on site.

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