Seraphine Collective Presents: Ava Luna/PrimitivParts/Junglefowl/Cottonlily

 31 May
 New Dodge Lounge
 8850 Joseph Campau St - 48212 - Hamtramck - United States
 Robin Parrent
There's pop music in there somewhere: Ava Luna is a noise-pop-funk band from NYC. Probably the strangest music you can listen to and instantly find enjoyable. @[NjQyMTgzOTU5MjA4MTA3Omh0dHBcYS8vYXZhbHVuYS5iYW5kY2FtcC5jb20vOjo=:@[NjQyMTgzOTU5MjA4MTA3Omh0dHBcYS8vYXZhbHVuYS5iYW5kY2FtcC5jb20vOjo=:]] Primitiv Parts compose requiems for Hamtramck toilets. If you unwind after a long day with Enya, make sure you rest your good ear against a PA speaker when they play. @[NjQyMTgzOTU5MjA4MTA3Omh0dHBzXGEvL3ByaW1pdGl2cGFydHMuYmFuZGNhbXAuY29tLzo6:@[NjQyMTgzOTU5MjA4MTA3Omh0dHBzXGEvL3ByaW1pdGl2cGFydHMuYmFuZGNhbXAuY29tLzo6:]] JUNGLEFOWL sounds like if The White Stripes and St Vincent had a very awkward set of fraternal twins. @[NjQyMTgzOTU5MjA4MTA3Omh0dHBcYS8vanVuZ2xlZm93bC5iYW5kY2FtcC5jb20vOjo=:@[NjQyMTgzOTU5MjA4MTA3Omh0dHBcYS8vanVuZ2xlZm93bC5iYW5kY2FtcC5jb20vOjo=:]] Unless you and your pug puppy are playing dress up... Cotton Lilly is twee-r than you. @[NjQyMTgzOTU5MjA4MTA3Omh0dHBcYS8vbXlzcGFjZS5jb20vY290dG9ubGlsbHl3ZWF0aGVybWFuOjo=:@[]] Come out and crack open a cold domestic brew with your homies $6! 9PM!

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