Sensual Grace ..... Naracoote South Australia

 17 May
 Naracoote SA
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 Janine Seymour
The Divine Feminine is calling us home A woman awake to her Shakti Power recognizes in herself the Feminine Divine.Her true authentic power We are all an incarnation of the sacred feminine, we chose to have this human experience. We showed up at this pivotal time to be part of this evolutionary shift, to contribute our gifts and wisdom at the moment when they are needed most. It’s time to connect to our authentic source of power.Is it your time to stop doing it alone and reconnect to your sisterhood tribe. My beloved sisters, Is your feminine soul weary, have you had enough of pushing, shoulding,striving, surviving within a busy obligation filled life? Are you experiencing disharmony between the abundant potentials of who you are versus the reality of how you're living your day to day life? Does your heart yearn for a deep nourishing Love? As the Divine Feminine Awakens, she asks for more. Asking you and me to Remember….. the Gift of the Goddess Sensual Grace(sense u all) is an empowering opportunity to gather with women to explore Feminine Grace ,Conscious Relationship, Sex ( Soul Energy Xchange) Deep Womb Heart remembering and what that means as a part of the incredible transformation happening in women’s lives globally. Let's celebrate and reconnect with the embodiment and wisdom of the strong and sacred feminine. Learn practical ways to remember and live our ancient wisdom. Discover breath, sound, movement, meditation.Instant self healing techniques The Sacred Feminine is inclusive, powerful and embraces the wisdom of the body, of intuition and of deep listening. Women are the largest untapped resource on the planet Janine draws from many modalities of healing to assist YOU to receive - a deepening connection to the juicy joy that is life, -your inner FLOW Feminine Love Opening Wisdom - embodiment of the heart of mother earth -your raw voice Real Authentic Wisdom . -activation's to awaken your shakti ,to connect to your feminine fire -to have relationships that mirror your hearts values - to be full of health, vitality and life force and Radiance - to magnetize and Receive your desires -being the flow of your sacred breath Janine is a leading edge facilitator for these times of profound change, and global paradigm shift.. Janine is a Spirit Medicine Woman, a pure channel for spirit, she creates Vibrational Essences she uses in workshops to assist you gently to experience deep change within.She is a Sound Healer and Light Language facilitator ...transmitting the right energy codes to reset sabotaging energy patterns to harmonise and balance. With cellular harmony a coherence is achieved and from here we create the new magic we desire Janine says,’ my passion is to lovingly support all women to reconnect with the embodiment and wisdom of the strong sacred feminine ‘. Where ;Naracoote area venue ;Beautiful rural setting , lots of space to play When ; Sunday 17th May Energy exchange..$99.00.per person please bring a conscious lunch to share, water bottle ,yoga mat or mat , scarf … teas and snacks supplied. If you have an older teenager that resonates with this energy, I am honored to have them join us for Koha/ donation for more info …… email……………... Private sessions available…Skype… janineseymour11

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