Senior Event Day / Wellness Activity

 21 May
 Taunton, MA, United States
  - 02718, 02780, 02783 - -
 Chris Flowers
FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE COME PARTICIPATE Everyone can participate its an event going to be held on May 21 of 2015 Seniors at Taunton Alternative High School are hosting an event and wed like it if you participated there will be a raffel, a cookout, flyers , panphlets , our goal is to raise money i Chris Flowers decided to put this event on the move by creating a page each senior has a topic to talk about to describe to the audience what it is and give information regarding to the topic !!!!! Food is available and an for every person enetering or who shows up gets a raffel ticket upon entrance w come on and have fun ahaha music and entertainment will be there -ATTENTIOFACEBOOKERS- THOSE WHO BRING ANY ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE TO TAUNTON ALTERNATIVE HIGH SCHOOL DURING THE DAY OF THIS EVENT WILL NOT ONLY BE REPORTED BUT YOU WILL LITERALLY NO JOKE WILL GET AN ASS KICKING FROM ME PERSONALLY THIS ISNT A PLAYGROUND AND PLEASE IF YOU SMOKE CIGARRETTES NOT ONLY FOR ME BUT FOR THE SAKE OF THE PROPERTY PLEASE DISPOSE CIGARETTE BUTTS AWAY FROM THE PROPERTY THEY MUST BE THROWN AWAY FROM SCHOOL PROPERTY

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