Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot Box

 27 May
 Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 2600 E. Philip Lane Appleton, Wisconsin 54915
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 Fit Oshkosh, Inc.
This movie provides a view from the perspective of the high school and middle school students who participated in the events in Selma. These events were not the focus of the recent Hollywood movie "Selma." This event is appropriate for adults and families. Teens and tweens will be able to see how students their age pushed for social change. Talking about race and racism means reaching outside the context of the civil rights movement. We do ourselves and our children a disservice if we encourage them to think that racism is a remnant of a distant historical era. Many people want to avoid their own discomfort. So they avoid conversations about race in which they could learn. This underscores how important it is to have places for talking about race and ethnicity. It is hard for people with low racial literacy skills to talk about race. Our guided conversations help people practice their beginning skills. Conversations about race are not only about people of color, but also about Whiteness. If we avoid talking about White privilege it makes it difficult to understand the complexities regarding race. Learning works through a process of assimilating new knowledge into existing beliefs about the world. Unexplored and unacknowledged background ideas or assumptions can pose emotional obstacles to student learning. This is particularly true when teaching about race and racism.

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