29 May
 Newport, OR, United States
  - 97365-97366 - -
 Ryan Schlahty
Tickets at: 15$ pre sale 20$ at door 10$ If you show up Saturday past 11am for live bands Fire performers and photographers earn free entry Please inquire first to get on the list. We got a large beach front to fill with bubbles and fire. Retreat from your usual beat to a paradise dance floor on the beach. We bring to you the finest lineup of underground Dj's and bands on a stage overlooking Oregons finest beaches and sand. Fire dancers welcoming the suns rise and set, parties are better at the beach and Selfless ones are the best. A stylish bartender serving fruity drinks & first class lodging fit for VIP.. Be sure to RSVP before someone reserves your seat! Theres a campground with yerts a mile up shore. We hope to see new faces and ones from before. Just remember people, ladies and gents, this is a fundraiser, for your annual pitching of tents.(BOOMBOX in da BOON DOX) A lot more bass, and a whole lotta lighting... You will see things here, new and exciting! Where the family and DJs gather and feast, on fidelity sound and blusterous beats. You wont wanna miss this, or miss out on that... So come to the coast and wear you party hat. ----20dollhairs at door---- ----15dollhair presales--- 530-jmfb 630-Bzrkr 730-french connection 830-Bizio 930-klassik 1030-breazy 11-clamchop 12-grinch 1230-gitdown 130-Sence 230-Mackie 330-Trouzerz 430-Clokwork 530-Adhdj ---LODGING/CAMPING INFORMATION---- Moolach shores motel (next door) Rooms are a lil Spendy:/ 3full suites available-sleeps 4people 159$ 7reg suites available-sleeps 2people 129$ Moolach shores contact info 5412652326 Beverly beach state park Link for campground website;jsessionid=DB064862AB8BC460EC7AF21764370F70.cfusion?do=mobilepark.dsp_parkPage&parkId=164&CFID=16285459&CFTOKEN=e580d18408e87a9-E9008D4B-09A5-CE49-FB8B0EB6DDC00917 Link for rates

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