Self Heal Emotional and Physical Ailments and Recognize Your True Potential

 18 May
 Globally in the comfort of your home
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 Vanaja Ananda
Please join us every Thursday at 6PM EST and every Monday at 11PM EST to self heal in the privacy of your home through QPT or Quantum Pranashakty Transmission. This distance healing is from the Siddhas. Siddha means perfected one and these ancient Masters achieved the immortal body. These techniques are now being offered to humanity so mankind can achieve a kayakalpa or disease-free body. Patanjali, the Father of Yoga, was a Siddha. I was initiated into this practice by Siddha Yoga Masters Pranaji and Pranaraj from Malaysia. I am also a Reiki Master. During this mass distance healing for 30 minutes, I and my Siddha sisters and brothers are pure conduits for our guides to flow through. Our guides are from every culture and religion. This is whose energy is present at all the healings. Shiva, Devi, Ganesha, Murga, Swami Ramalingam, Patanjali and the 17 Siddhas, Sri Pranaji, Sri Pranaraj, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Allah, Sai Baba, Osho, Babaji, Archangels - Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Metatron, Sandolphon, Jophiel, Haniel, Raziel, Zadkiel, Aziel, Ariel, St Germaine, Angels Crystal, Daniel, Chantall, Aurora, Isabella, Maya, Fairy Kayla and Neela, Mother Mary, Mother Theresa, Lady Isis, Lady Azna Sophia, Padre Pio, Mary Magdalene, White Tara, Green Tara, Arcturians, Dr. Lorphan, Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation, Agarthans, Hathors, Pleidians, Anwar and Maseus from Atlantis, Menokshee, Nandi, Hanuman, Quan Yin, Ashwini, sun moon and planets, Gaia, all existential energy, White Cloud, Goddess Athena, Goddess Diana, Muhammed, King Solomon, Moses, Serapis Bey, Master Angus, Master Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya, Sunat Kamara, Elohim, Maat, St. Anthony, St. Francis, St. Jude, St. Peregrine, Lady Guadaloupe, Lady of Lordes, Lady of Fatima, Lady Chezahowa and many Avatars and Saints. We love all of these Sentient beings who are full of love, peace, compassion, unity and harmony. If your guide of pure white light is missing from the list, please ask him or her to join us during QPT. Also, bring yourself in multi-dimensional form (that means yourself in every dimension). This is what you do during QPT. Thank your guides and yourself for your self healing. Ask your guides to take any fears, worries or other limiting beliefs that no longer benefit you and transmute them into energy of love, peace, harmony, compassion, fun, purity and joy. Say "I send love and blessings to my magnificent soul sisters and brothers to obtain their dreams quickly." Lie down or sit and put your left palm out to receive the divine energy and your right hand on any part of your body that you want to heal. Or, put both hands out to allow the energy to flow wherever your body needs it. During the 30 minutes repeat this mantra over and over "I love myself unconditionally and I forgive myself completely." Enjoy the beautiful energy that will give you peace, relaxation and bliss. Everybody is welcome to join. You are all healers and have the ability to heal yourselves completely. Please join us and experience this epiphany for yourselves. Together, we will create a planet of love, peace, compassion, unity and harmony.

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