Self Enquiry: On Being You. One day Retreat with Michael Vincent

 17 May
 LVB Dance Studio, Newport Isle of Wight, PO30 1JP
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 Michael Vincent
Self Enquiry is a simple but radical Practice, ancient in origin and embraced by the major religions. As you are invited to reflect on the question "Who Am I?" a personal journey begins which will present challenges, often profound, as you drop the masks and kick away the crutches upon which you have depended throughout your life. No stone is left unturned. But, as the fog lifts and the clouds clear away an awareness blossoms enabling you to experience a sense of liberation and freedom which you have not known before.......... The day begins with an introduction to Self Enquiry followed by a series of Satang during which a simple Practice is taught which addresses the question "Who Am I?"The day ends with a Sharing Circle. Booking : Linda Byrne. Email Information :

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