Seccombe Lake Park • #SBMURALS -PROJECT

 16 May
 Seccombe Lake State Urban Recreation Area
 160 E 5th St - 92410 - San Bernardino - United States
 San Bernardino Generation Now
#SBmurals = Join San Bernardino Generation Now in enjoying and helping to revitalize one of San Bernardino's most beautiful yet underused parks, Seccombe Lake Park. It will be a day of mass mural art, photography and music creation, only positive energy!! The creative theme is the word: A-S-P-I-R-E !! ______________________________________________ Bring any equipment you need to join in the fun. If you're an artist, bring an easel and your supplies. If you're a musician, bring your instruments to jam out. If you're photographer, bring your camera. If you're a culinary artist, bring your grill. If you're a patron of the arts, come by and enjoy the park. This will be a historic day in San Bernardino when the creatives came together to inspire a city. To all aspiring muralists, come by or contact us at We could use your help as we cover Seccombe Lake Park with art, one section at a time. • Phase 2- May 16th: 11am-sunset (Buildings/Walls Facing 7th and Bell) • Complete- May 30th: 11am-sunset (Remaining benches and empty canvases)

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