24 May
 Bethlehem Xxx
 6568 BOUL SAINT-LAURENT - H2S3C6 - Montreal - Canada
 Blake Hargreaves
Sunday May 24, 7pm Bethlehem XXX 6568 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2S 3C6 Unchained Malady Single-channel video, audio Colour; 44:33 Unchained Malady was conceived in 2003, as a film about the formation of earth and the aftermath. The film is a meditation on the division of existence, as expressed in the 17th century by Baruch Spinoza, between ‘Nature Nurturing’ and ‘Nature Nurtured’. In part one, nature nurtures life. We enter the solar system and find our way to earth, where the planet is forming the conditions for life. In part two, life has formed. In parts three and four, we see nature nurtured, life let loose on earth, and the results, equal parts creative and destructive. The work is compiled from found footage and footage shot in Canada. It is set to music performed on instruments of my own design. Unchained Malady is presenting the viewer with an opportunity to contemplate fundamental questions of life, such as: Is it moral to treat all forms of life as equal? How can we live morally with the reality that for some life forms to live, others must die? Is a virus alive, and if so, is it as deserving of life as a flower, or a cow, or the trillions of microorganisms inside the cow’s stomach? Also explored is the story of earth, offering the viewer an opportunity to question the moral supremacy of life. And to commune with one true by-product of all earthly activity, living and non-living: smoke. Unchained Malady explores these themes and more in a rich tapestry of the beauty of Earth in part one, and the explosion of life and humanity in part two. It is set to the elemental sounds created by electronic internal feedback circuits; simple and beautiful sounds created with simple and beautiful physics and voice. Unchained Malady is an elemental sensory experience whereby the entire history of earth is presented to the viewer, in stunning images, as one lyrical phrase. Blake Hargreaves 613 255 1394 SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2013 Unchained Malady, SAW video Ottawa, curated by Lesley Marshall 2008 Spook, Nota Bene Montréal, curated by Russel Hemsworth GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2014 Sanctuary, Pavillion 110 Cowansville, curated by Jonathan Reid Sévigny 2013 Ouate the Tape!, Rats9 Montréal curated by Collectif Rats9 2013 According to no set of rules, Montréal curated by Johnanna Heldebro 2009 Soirée VICE au Lieu Unique, Lieu Unique, Nantes curated by Vice Publishing 2007 Cousins of Reggae, V&A, New York curated by Victoria Donner 2007 Get a Life, Darling Foundry, Montréal curated by Margaret Haines 2006 Satellite of Love, Montréal curated by Margaret Haines and Patrick Dyer PUBLICATIONS 2013 Beurk Bank no2, Montréal 2013 Beurk Bank no1, Montréal 2010 Nirvana in Negative, Sept Âmes, Montréal 2007 The Vice Photo Book, Vice Publishing, New York 2007 Interview in AA Magazine, Detroit

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