Scotland and the Class Struggle in Britain

 20 May
 The Victory Inn, 6 Duke Street, Brighton (Upstairs Room)
  - - -
 Nat Arkwright
The morning of May 8th brought jubilation for Britain’s wealthy elite as the Tories retained their grip on power, this time with a 12-seat majority. Less than a decade ago, such a narrow victory would have been major cause for concern among the political establishment, yet today it has been treated as a monumental victory for the Tory Party. In Scotland there has been an enormous groundswell in support for the SNP among working class people searching for an alternative to austerity and the corrupt politics of Westminster. Meanwhile Labour were all but wiped out in their worst result north of the border in a century. All these factors represent a major sea change in the nature of British politics. What does the election result mean for the future of class struggle in Scotland and across Britain? How can workers and youth throughout the country organise to fight against the oncoming attacks from this new government? Join us for this discussion hosted by the Sussex Marxists and the International Marxist Tendency, where we'll be joined by guest speak Rob Sewell, editor of Socialist Appeal newspaper. All welcome!

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