23 May
 Rocking Horse Records
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 Peter Booges Werth
FREE SHOW Altar of the Thirteenth Eye and Guruguru Brain are excited to announce the arrival of Ambient/drone lords 破地獄 Scattered Purgatory (Taiwan). Joining them will be Brisbane & CONQUEST OF NOISE artist The Scrapes & The Steady As She Goes. The Scrapes have their new album at the pressing plant as well speak which will be out very soon on C.O.N. Records. The Steady As She Goes is about to head into the studio and record the number two album. SCATTERED PURGATORY 破地獄(Scattered Purgatory), is an instrumental drone/ambient trio based in Taiwan, Taipei, with a black metal-like name derived from a Taoist ritual. It is said that we are the first, and so far the only band that filled in the genre of drone related music among Mandarin users. THE SCRAPES Welcome to the planet of The Scrapes. Everything that you know has crumbled and your monuments have returned to the Earth. The Metropolis is no more. The pavement is cracked with tree roots pulsing like veins through hills that never end. This is the future you never predicted even when its icy grip tugged at your wrist. There is a real beauty to it though...the victory of nature over corruption...the sound of trees rustling against rusted industry...the cry of birds above the din of ceaseless traffic...a post-industrial caterwaul from the darkest corners of your memory. Our place is dark, but there are cracks of light through the canopy and a different kind of life thrives here. The air is warm but the wind is cold and the horizon never ends. A landscape both familiar and forgotten...ancient yet regenerative. There are no masters here so close your eyes and forget everything you remember. "Also hugely enjoyable, highly original AND psychically useful is the music of Australian duo The Scrapes, whose fiery epic guitar and abandoned Mithraic fiddle pieces evoke images of lost Keltic lands inundated by the oceans, lost Iberian & Armorican sea peoples and lost times from beyond the beyond. Mostly, violinist Adam Cadell conjures up a fabulous and heathen see-sawing from his machine, kicking up a down home/back porch Henry Flyntian dust that guitarist/axe wielder Ryan Potter orchestrates with apocalyptic power chords and huge crunching rhythms.” - Julian Cope ( The Scrapes, formed in Brisbane late in the summer of 2008, are an unusual duo of feedback drenched guitar and scraping, epic violin. Their music is rooted firmly in the traditions of western classical music while representing an attempt to transgress them. It is music that evokes landscapes and acts of nature as well as cerebral landscapes. Inspired equally by composers such as Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass and La Monte Young, sound artists and pioneers of the drone such as Tony Conrad and Spacemen 3, and the dark, demented sounds of the underground of rock music, The Scrapes can be at once immersive and chaotic in a live setting where wild improvisation and high volume come into the fold. Ryan Potter is a guitarist and singer well known in the local indie rock scene as frontman for Nikko and occasional partaker in the sprawling drone improvisations of Heart Flew an Arrow, amongst others. Adam Cadell is a violinist who has worked in various guises in Brisbane, nationally and abroad performing and recording as a soloist, and with many groups and ensembles of varying levels of fame. Since forming, the Scrapes have performed regularly in Brisbane and have already received some critical acclaim for their hand-packaged CDr, The Scrapes, notably from UK rock musician and writer Julian Cope. THE STEADY AS SHE GOES Reverb, tremolo, delay. In that order. One man. One Guitar. Dark mind. And a drum machine FREE SHOW

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