Save little Bolt (the broken Chihuahua)

 31 May
 South Korea
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 Nadine Thompson
Crowd funding page is up: share with friends ---> Please take a moment to read (and share) the story of a tiny dog with a many large problems, and see how you can make a difference. We rescued Bolt, a little Chihuahua, from the Asan City pound on 25 March. Despite everything he has gone through, this little guy has developed the most gentle and friendly character imaginable. But from the moment we first saw him, it was clear he was not in any condition. If we wanted to give him a fighting chance at life, we had to act quickly. After getting him out of the shelter, we rushed him to a vet. To start with, Bolt was diagnosed with luxating patellas in both his back legs. For him to live a long and comfortable life with full mobility he would have to have surgery. Then we discovered another issue. In order for this little guy to be neutered, he would have to undergo a more complex procedure than usual because one of his testicles did not descend. It’s stuck inside his abdomen, which in itself can cause a lot of trouble later on. This will also need to be fixed, soon. But what we discovered next made the other two issues seem simple to overcome. This charming young guy, who crawled out of his shelter into our hearts and arms has had both his front legs broken. Clean breaks, both of the them. The vet doing the examination could hardly believe it. This kind of injury is typical of small dogs who are thrown. Thrown. So to be clear, somewhere, somebody - perhaps as part of playing with this little puppy - threw him and broke both his front legs. And then they threw him away. Bolt stayed overnight with the vet and the next day was sent for a more thorough examination with a bone specialist. There were several options for surgery but it was clear that whatever the options were, decisions had to be made fast. We booked him in for his first round of surgery and little Bolt came through like a hero. He has external pins inserted to keep his bones in place while he recovers. Unfortunately one leg needed to be re-broken in order to get it into the correct healing position. But like his namesake, this little guy is a hero. As one might expect with the severity of his injuries, complications arose, and it seems that his other leg will need to go under the knife again because the muscles are contracting too aggressively, pulling the pins out of place. Bolt is receiving the best care. All the vets who are helping him are in love with the little guy. But he desperately needs our help. The surgeries on his front legs alone are totaling 1,500,000won (around $1,400). With the other surgeries, which will have to wait until the issues with his front legs are settled, Bolt’s recovery is going to cost about 2,500,000won (roughly $2,300). That is almost the same as one month’s salary for a public school EFL teacher in South Korea. We cannot do this alone, so if you would like to help this little hero have a shot at a full and happy life, please join us in caring for him. Every little bit, no matter how small, will make a difference to both Bolt, and his future forever family. If you are interested in adopting Bolt once he has made his recovery, please get in contact with us, too. Goal: 2,500,000won Amount Raised (as of 11 May 2015): 777,000won Bank details: N.Roussopoulos KEB 620-205943-341 VERY IMPORTANT: Please clearly include "BOLT" as the reference! PayPal - Reference: For BOLT (clearly) The Sweet Life will be selling goodies again soon with all proceeds going toward Bolt.

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