Satsang with Kosi - Glastonbury, United Kingdom

 11 June
 The Sweet Track - 44a High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset
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We meet in the sacred space of satsang to discover what is free of suffering, free of our circumstances, and even free of ideas of freedom, enlightenment, or states of consciousness. The simple and direct pointing of the teaching of Sri Ramana Maharshi represents and provides you with the immediacy of awakening and supports the direct discovery of the freedom in the core of your being. You can directly and intimately realize the happiness, fulfillment, and freedom of your inherent nature. Life is painful, and the pain you experience generates sensations, emotions, and thoughts. Most people are not even aware of how much they participate in the creation of their suffering. You actually have to practice suffering for it to continue. Usually, your thoughts drift from your circumstances, to your pain, your future, your past, and all of the different strategies you create to protect yourself, and avoid what you don’t want. You also might endlessly ponder how to get rid of your pain, or try to figure out how to stop the endless swirl of thought rolling through your mind. You might even actively engage in the endless process of blaming people in your life about the suffering they cause, or the suffering created by unwanted circumstances—rarely do you stop and notice that perhaps you are the only one responsible for generating the negativity you are experiencing. The natural tendency of your mind to indulge or give your attention to the emotions, sensations, and stories that emerge in your mind about your pain, your circumstances, the people in your life, and whatever you imagine all of this means about you and them—from the self-centered perspective of the egoic mind—seem to be the cause of your suffering. And suffering is simply exhausting. Every meeting with Kosi represents an opportunity to end this. The discovery that her teaching offers is the greatest of all gifts and opens your mind and heart to an indescribable presence free of every sensation, thought, circumstance, experience and state of consciousness. There is no format, formula or methodology for satsang, it is an in-the-moment meeting to inquire into the deepest question : „Who are you…really?“ Kosi confirms the living freedom within you and challenges you to deepen into your own direct inquiry. Donation £10 requested. All are welcome.

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