Sat, MAY 16 ~ NEVALRA, The Lantern Hill Nightmare, Baramyu, Abstract Atrocity @ THE BRIDGE

 16 May
 The Bridge
 1020 E Walnut St - 65201 - Columbia - United States
A Night of EXTREME Metal featuring: - NEVALRA - Nevalra is an extreme metal group created in 2013, originally as multi-instrumentalist Scott Eames' project. As things progressed, Nevalra began to grow from a one man project, to a full lineup; thus bringing Nevalra out of the Studio, and to the Stage. Joined by talented drummer Zach Lindsey in late 2013, Nevalra quickly entered the Studio and recorded the debut single "VRIL". Reviewed as: “VRIL is Nevalra’s way of not only bursting through the gates, but shoving every other band out of their way in order to conquer the world.” - Dark Dirge Promotions After the release of "Vril", Nevalra was joined by bassist Cody Sprock. With a complete lineup, Nevalra signed a Record Deal with Hard Wood Records, entered the Studio and recorded 2 followup album promo singles to "Vril"; entitled "Terror Throne" (which was released via Lyric Video) and "Descend & Die" (released as a full Music Video). All 3 singles, contributions to the Album "THY ADVERSARY". Now with a full force live lineup, and a freshly inked Record Deal, NEVALRA is out to conquer even more territory; with Tours inside and outside the USA following their first Full-Length Album in collaboration with Hard Wood Records USA. - The Lantern Hill Nightmare (from Kansas City, MO) - Stitched together like some Mary Shelly abomination, this massive wall of sound is made up of five restless sleepers, always aware of the dream life around them and it's dark shadows. They bring the sound scape of fear, trepidation and horror; manifesting the black nature of the human subconscious as a sonic and visual assault on the senses and soul. Not for the timid, nor the fearful; sleepwalk with the Nightmare as they build an experience of metal mayhem and fright. - Baramyu - Blacker than the blackest black that blacks out a lunar eclipse. - Abstract Atrocity -

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