Sarahpeutics Training ~ SoCal Edition

 22 May
 the glowbox
 1725 Ocean Ave - 90401 - Santa Monica - United States
Give yourself and your peeps the loving touch of Thai Massage & the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine. Join us for 8 Days of transformation! May 22-29 the glowbox in Sunny Santa Monica, CA -- 1 Block from the Beach! +++Includes: 50 hours of instruction, printed manual, online videos, and Sarahpeutics Facebook group support Course Description: Most major philosophies have a concept for oneness, and for duality. Duality is how we begin to describe the diversity we experience in the world. In Chinese Medicine we have the Tao (“The Way”), from which the duality of Yin and Yang emerge. Through partner yoga, flying, and introductory Thai massage, we play with Yin and Yang in our bodies, to absorb them on an intuitive, cellular level. We then give vocabulary to our discoveries with a little theory talk, and learn simple ways to apply these ideas to create balance in ourselves and others. We find softness and strength, each within the other, to finish the day relaxed, rejuvenated, and centered. We then map yin and yang into the five elements. The five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine — Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire — present a way to understand our place in nature, and how nature is uniquely reflected within each of us. Today, this potent medicine is taught primarily in heady academic settings, but it was birthed through thousands of years of conscious embodied experience. In this workshop, we go back to the roots: we use physical practices to experience the feeling of each element, so that the theory is simply a confirmation of what we already know in our bodies. Each day we explore one element with partner yoga, flying, meditation, a case study to exemplify the element’s “archetype” personality and common health complaints, and Thai massage sequences to address the element’s meridians. We also discuss nutritional, behavioral, and exercise recommendations for each element, and how to effectively deliver that information to clients or friends. For maximum absorption, we also take a daily field trip to experience each element in nature. Hiking in the woods, swimming in the ocean (or lake), sitting around a bonfire, climbing a mountain — learning has never been so fun! You will complete the training prepared to begin your journey of Five Element healing work, within yourself and with others. You walk away with concrete skills to thrive in your life, that you can share with the world! Instruction includes discussion of treatment protocols and ethics, diagnosis, protecting your energy as a healer, and practical issues of pricing and client communication. Online and printed manuals and video are provided to support your memory. This is an intimate, hands-on training. All students will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the instructors. An application is required for the 8 day training. Applicants will receive confirmation following application submission. Click here to fill out an application: PRICE: $800 includes training, manual, videos, and a lifetime of Facebook group support. We can prorate the price for those who wish to join for the first day or (consecutive) days. PAYMENT OPTIONS: --Mail a check to Sarah Yovovich, 624 Falls Drive, Topanga, CA --Send Square Cash to --Call (323) 391-3811 to pay by credit card (3% fee added) --PayPal here (3% fee added):

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