Santa Fe Mutual Awakening Salon

 05 June
 LOCATION: Hotel Eldorado 309 W. San Francisco St. Santa Fe, NM 87501
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 Evolutionary Collective
Mutual Awakening Practice is a spiritual practice done with a partner that has an unending potential for multidimensional awareness of an inter-subjective awakening. Mutual Awakening is an opportunity to immerse yourself in this practice and the beautiful mutually shared consciousness that it generates between people By engaging with simple and profound practice you will enter into a shared space of consciousness with others. In this space, insight and revelation spontaneously arise. An opening is created between people that becomes the source of continuous mystical awakening. Join Patricia Albere on Friday, June 5th to explore the depths of this new opening in consciousness. You will be amazed at the consciousness we can share in only two hours.

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