Sanderjohnson @ Montreal Sketchfest

 23 May
 Montreal Improv
 3697 St-Laurent - H2X 2V7 - Montreal - Canada
 Darren Sugar Schilling
Sanderjohnson has a show as part of the Montréal Sketchfest. Why should you care? Because you're awesome and so are we. And here we are: Darren Sugar Schilling Joel Fink Stefan Spec Pahruss Carai Sanderjohnson is Darren, Joel, Paras and Stefan, four exuberant gentlemen who spend their nights hashing out sketches in luxurious locales. They have a good time with each other and want the world to see them having a good time together on stage. Sanderjohnson creates sketches using a patented process involving complex lists, international influences, opinionated soliloquies and sometimes beer. Expect to see them on stage bringing to life angels, demons, groups of sports bros, wives, husbands, the 90s and your father.

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