SambaFunk! Sunday(s) Dance to the Best Version of Yourself #sambachurch #dancewellness #funkfitness

 06 December
 The Malonga Casquelourd Center for The Arts
 1428 Alice St - 94612 - Oakland - United States
 Caribelinq Omnimedia
SambaFunk! Sunday(s) Dance to the Best Version of Yourself #sambachurch #dancewellness #funkfitness
Summer Residency with Renata was all that it was advertised to be. True mastery knowledge and delivery of Brasilian music, dance and Culture. It was a totally enriching experience... Carnaval Weekend was a blast. So many picture and video and many more will continue to roll out. Thank you all that participate and gave from the heart - you pour you soul out in the dance - and musically raised the vibration - and the people felt it. May 31st we kick off the Summer Session and prepare to welcome our Summer Artist in Residence Renata Dias May 10th - Mother's Day. Another special session of #sambachurch. We were visited by Carnival pioneer Marcus Gordon. He gave us the real history and blessed us as we march, dance and drum into Carnaval 2015. The Musicians showed up to work with the bateria. The music was slamming. PURPLE Sunday May 3rd: Another phenomenal sunday, with guest Thais B and Naninho plus Alseny jumping in at the end to keep us grooving down the line. Choreographies are coming together and looking good. Music is getting tighter and tighter. Lots of PURpLe in the house... April 26th: The Funk was in the house with Step Master Vernon Jackson - lines were a challenge but the energy and music was good. Conductor Thais ran through the set list like the master professional she is. Next week, Naninho returns. April 19th: the game was change on Sunday for SambaFunk! and African Brasilian dance in the Bay. Blesses with three international masters from Brasil and Guinea - the dancing and drumming was at another level. Thank you Alseny Soumah for bring the African funk and Mestre Naninho, Olinda Pernambuco and Thais B., Rio de Janeiro for share your rich music and dance from Brasil. April 12th: Guest instructors Vernon Jackson & Alseny Soumah stopped and taught us some funky Stepping and African moves. 6 more weeks until Carnival. More Guest in store.... April 5th: Easter sunday, Purple Sunday, Spring Equinox was a good day for Samba dance. Spirits are high and the dancing and drumming is improving. Next week - guest instructor Vernon Jackson. March 28th: The bateria is growing and olds faces are returning. Its getting closer to Carnival. March 22nd: Two hours seems long at the start of the season, but not so much any more. Thank you Monica for stepping up and leading the bateria. March 15th: music is coming along, dances too... time to sing and dance. We got this right! ..... Be there every week to take part in unfolding of this year's vision. March 8th: SambaFunk! Sunday(s) Carnaval Throwback was a success. Did you check out the costume changes? They happened quickly so if you blinked you might have missed it Bateria is sounding good - Dancers are looking better too. 5th year is a big one! MARCH 1st is Purple Sunday was blessed to have many young men dancing and a good group of new dancers. the registration list was posted and 6 new registrants signed up in addition. Sunday Feb. 22nd: Special class with impromptu support during the warm up with the Haitian drummers. Cultural treat that doesn't happen often. Good mix of dancing and singing. Sunday Feb. 15th - the drums were Volcanic. Back to the basics, hard work and hard bodies. Meredith 300 and squats every week from here on out. Sunday Feb. 8th class was a good mix of old and new. Old and new dances, old and new faces and Old and New music...... Join us this week: Monday, Wednesday and of course Sundays. Each Sunday afternoon at 4pm at the historic and legendary Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts located at 1428 Alice Street, studio A, downtown Oakland. The magic happens: through dance, movement, exercise, live music and community. Join the members of SambaFunk! Carnaval Explosion, also known as the Funkquarians - led by Artistic Director Theo Aytchan Williams - for this weekly journey in expressive dance and explosive drumming. SambaFunk! is Bay Area born - Oakland expression of Brasilan dance with a African center, Latin flava, Caribbean Groove and Funk appeal.... A very unique but grounded dance experience, An dance experience filled with luv, commitment, culture, connection, compassion, community and historic relevance. Open to all levels. Technical dancers welcomed - Good introductions to Samba fundamentals for all dance backgrounds. SambaFunk! Sundays @ [null:@ [null:#sambachurch]] Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts Oakland, Ca / Studio A / 2nd floor 4pm - 6pm / $12 per session / Drops in welcome All levels - All ages Additional dance instruction: Mondays @ African American Cultural Complex 672 Fulton St / San Francisco 6pm - 7:30pm Wednesdays Destiny Arts Center 970 Grace st / North Oakland 6:30pm - 7:30pm @ [null:@ [null:#trysomethingnew]] @ [null:@ [null:#meetnewpeople]] @ [null:@ [null:#abundance]]

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