Salons at the Café Royal: Leigh Bowery (with Sue Tilley)

 26 May
 Hotel Cafe Royal
 68 Regent Street - W1B 4DY - London - United Kingdom
 Antique Beat
Leigh Bowery was one of the most controversial and avant-garde performers of his generation. In this talk, author Sue Tilley, one of Bowery’s closest friends, lays bare the extravagant life of the trendsetting entertainer. From Bowery’s groundbreaking costumes and performance art, to his notoriety in London’s 1980s nightclub culture, to his role as a favored model for painter Lucian Freud, Tilley will offer an insight into the outrageous world of 1980s modern art and the man who came to embody it. Sue Tilley Along with being one of Bowery's best friends, Sue Tilley is one of the most recognisable muses in modern British art. She modelled for Lucian Freud in the early 1990s, a seminal period of the artist's career and one of his portraits of her entitled "Benefits Supervisor Sleeping" sold for a record £17.2 million, the highest price paid for a painting by a living artist. She is now an artist and a writer and continues to work four days per week at the Westminster Job Centre. "Compulsive and heartfelt. All elegies should resonate like this." - Esquire "A touching tribute of friendship, written with wit, verve and considerable charm." - The Telegraph

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