SAK Gaming Presents: Sweet Spot Sm4sh #1 ($250 Pot Bonus, Customs!)

 24 May
 699 S Mill Ave Suite 201 - 85281 - Tempe - United States
 SAK Gaming
The inaugural Smash 4 tournament in our Summer Smash Series! Come down to Endgame and test your skills in a 128-man pool followed by a double-elimination bracket, featuring a $250 pot bonus provided by Endgame! Cost: $5 entry/$5 venue Registration/Friendlies: 12 pm - 1:30 pm Start time: 2 pm Pre-register here: We need setups! The first 16 people to sign up at the link below to bring a WiiU with Sm4sh will receive a free meal from Endgame! (One entree and one drink, $10 value). A note to all players under 21: Unfortunately, due to Endgame's status as a bar, it is state law that all persons under 21 must vacate the premise at 10 pm. We will be working closely with our TOs to insure that the event is finished before 10 pm, and do not foresee any issues.

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