safeTALK Training for Trainers (T4T) - SAN DIEGO

 05 June
 Community Research Foundation
  - - San Diego - United States
 American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - San Diego
WHEN: Friday, June 5th AND Saturday, June 6th WHERE: Community Research Foundation - San Diego (Linda Vista) TIME: 8:00am - 4:00pm each day (approx.) NUMBER OF SPOTS AVAILABLE: 10 TO APPLY: (please allow 30 minutes to complete this application) safeTALK Training for Trainers (T4T) is a two-day course that prepares attendees to facilitate safeTALK workshops. Each T4T is led by LivingWorks instructors who have substantial experience presenting safeTALK and training others to do so. By completing a T4T, participants will join over 2,500 trainers around the world who provide life-saving suicide alertness skills through safeTALK workshops. In the course, attendees learn the content and process of safeTALK and the skills needed to conduct it. During the first half-day of the T4T, participants will experience the safeTALK workshop. This provides a shared experience that helps frame the rest of the learning. The remaining time focuses on the skills necessary to lead the workshop, including use of the safeTALK Trainer Manual and audiovisuals, developing the confidence and mastery to present the content, and establishing links with other trainers who may become part of a support network. Attendees can expect a balance of challenge, support, and opportunities for participation at the T4T. The T4T course is the first step toward becoming a registered safeTALK trainer; after successfully completing a T4T, attendees become Provisional Trainers with LivingWorks Education. To become Registered Trainers with LivingWorks, Provisional Trainers must present three workshops within a year of completing T4T. Then, Registered Trainers need to present two workshops per year to retain their registration. Although the process of becoming a registered safeTALK trainer requires a significant commitment from participants (and their organizations, if applicable), the opportunity to provide life-saving suicide alertness skills is well worth the effort! THIS SAFETALK T4T IS SPONSORED BY THE AFSP SAN DIEGO CHAPTER. Upon successful completion of this course, all Provisional Trainers agree to act as a volunteer for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) in San Diego. Specifically, they agree to organize and host a minimum of THREE safeTALK workshops FREE OF CHARGE on behalf of the AFSP San Diego Chapter between June 7th, 2015 and June 30th, 2016. The AFSP San Diego Chapter will sponsor materials for the initial 3 workshops organized and hosted by each Provisional Trainer. **Individuals selected to attend the safeTALK T4T will be asked to provide a $500 deposit upon confirmation of their selection; this deposit will be refunded after successful completion of the course. Given that this course is in high demand and the class size is very small, not all who apply will be selected to attend. All applicants will receive notice of their status by mid-May.

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