01 June
 United States
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 Melody Aguilar
Beginning in December 2014, leaders from the United States and Iran will be meeting to discuss the current nuclear weapon situation, with a deadline set in June, 2015. The US already surrendered a golden opportunity to ask for the release of US citizen and pastor, Saeed Abedini, when economic sanctions were eased on Iran. The US now has another opportunity to demand the release of this husband and father in order to bring him home to his family. We ask that you join with us in bombarding the White House with "Free Saeed" postcards, almost identical to the ones we did for the 2 year anniversary of Saeed's incarceration in September, to plead with President Obama and the White House to not neglect Saeed this time around. INDIVIDUALS: Please use the provided picture (see the cover photo for the event) and the text below on the card. This message is approved by Naghmeh, Saeed's wife, so that it is her message being sent out regarding her husband and family. Mr. President, A man in your position has been given great power and responsibility to represent every American, whether on domestic or foreign soil. Please hold to your own words, that no one is left behind. We, the American people, ask you to do everything within your power to bring U.S. citizen, pastor, husband & father, Saeed Abedini, home to his family from his time of incarceration in Iran. Sincerely, CHURCHES & MINISTRIES: Postcards are available for purchase through Trinity Worldwide Reprographics by calling (562) 567-2050 or by emailing We ask that the cards be ordered as soon as possible in order to reach the White House prior to the 6/1/15 talks. The pricing, which does not include shipping, is as follows (for smaller amounts, please contact them for pricing): 100 $25.60 250 $36.00 500 $41.60 1000 $47.20 2500 $92.80 5000 $137.60 7500 $206.40 10000 $238.40 15000 $356.80 20000 $476.00 The address to the White House is: The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 The current cost of a postcard stamp is $0.34

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