SacTown Hot Flash Ladies Impact Group

 20 May
 Across from Ancil Hoffman Golf Course Parking Lot
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 StepINtuit Healing Arts Oasis
On May 20th at Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Rev. Robin Youngblood, will join us for our Wednesday, May 20th #HotFlashLadies gathering. Join us to hear the flyers sing, see the deer prance and witness the river flow freely. $10 for the event, $5 for parking. Rev. Robin is a shamanic practitioner, international teacher and healer. She's an author and artist. She is also a member of the indigenous grandmother tradition and an advocate for sustainability of our planet and "all our relations." Blessedly, Rev. Robin is a survivor of the Oso, Washington mudslides that killed 43 people on March 22, 2014. She recalls being trapped under water and mud as she surrendered to the possibility that she was not going to live. But she found herself rising up out of the muck and able to take a breath. Rev. Robin lost everything in that disaster, except one painting. Since that time, she has continued to travel the world sharing sacred ceremony and teachings. Rev. Robin has agreed to join our group in May to share ceremony and wisdom regarding our intention to be a part of the international movement to improve women's overall well-being. If you're interested in a private healing session with Rev. Robin Youngblood on Monday, May 18th or Tuesday, May 19th, let me know and I will connect you. Otherwise, we will see you at Effie Yeaw Nature Center on Wednesday evening, 6-7:30 PM. And please consider a donation to the Church of the Earth to "bring teaching, ceremony, healing, and community to like-minded people all over the world" In the meantime, be well, be wise and be AMAZING!!!

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