Sabores Caraqueños (Flavours from Caracas)

 16 May
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 The Taste of Calabria
Hi all Food Lovers! In our exploration of the flavours of Venezuela I want to take you all through a food journey that starts in the Capital of Venezuela, Caracas, represented in my next menu by the all mighty "Asado Negro" or Black Beef Stew. FULL MENU Starter - Tequeños with Guasacaca (Venezuelan cheese sticks) First Dish - Black Bean Soup Main - Asado Negro ( A full on dish of beef drizzled with a rich dark sauce with white rice, fried plantain and avocado salad) Dessert - Buñuelos (deep fried casava balls drizzled with honey) Veggie Options will be added soon! Bring your own drinks! This is a booking only event! TO BOOK please call 01273-782553 or 07480 970251

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