Sabores Caraqueños (Flavours from Caracas)

 16 May
 Hove, United Kingdom
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 Morella Velazquez
As the name of the my supper club is "Southern Italian and Venezuelan creole cuisine" here's my second dinner for the club "Sabores Caraqueños" or in English (Flavours from Caracas). In our exploration of the flavours of Venezuela I want to take you all through a food journey that starts in the Capital of Venezuela, Caracas, represented in my next menu by the all mighty "Asado Negro" or Black Beef Stew. FULL MENU Starter - Tequeños with Guasacaca (Venezuelan cheese sticks with our Avocado and Coriander Dip) First Dish - Black Bean Soup Main - Asado Negro ( A full on dish of beef drizzled with a rich dark sauce with white rice, fried plantain and avocado salad) Dessert - Bunuelos (casava fritters drizzled with clear honey) Bring your own drinks! To book please follow this link:

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