Rye Cafe Grand Opening

 22 May
 2115 Main Street Rye, CO. 81069
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 Rye Cafe 2015 Grand Opening
The Rye Cafe is re-opening under new ownership / management. Our Mission and what you can expect from the new Rye Cafe is great customer service and great food, and health conscious ingredients. Our goal is to bring hot food and eventually a grill for things like burgers and fries to Rye. We try to support locals where we can, we try to avoid ingredients like GMO's as much as possible and artificial sweeteners like Aspartame. We like to point out the health benefits to our ingredients such as coconut oil, alkalized water, ginger, cocoa, nuts, and we use Free Range Eggs and go organic when we can. Your Host & Owner is Tony. Tony has worked in the Restaurant & Bar business in Dallas back in the 1980's, for the son of whom may be one of the most successful restaurant entrepreneurs in Texas today. Your Cook & Owner is Jenny. Jen moved from New Zealand to Texas where she married and lived for 5 years before relocating to Colorado in 2014. Our menu is a blend of Texas Southern Home Style and New Zealand recipes.

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