Rustic Attic

 17 May
 Ashland, PA, United States
  - 17921 - -
 Michael F Bann
This shoot is a bit more smoldering than our other recent discount offerings. And not just because the set can get warm to hot depending on the time of year. This lends very well to more sexy images and is perfect for lingerie and sassy wardrobe. We're offering it on the same weekend as our Cabin special so if you would prefer one over the other both will be set up at the same time. Given this set has some options that would be time-consuming we aren't offering it as an alternate set for those shooting the cabin, do try to do both would result in very little shooting time. Package gets you full makeup and hair. An SD card of all your images when shooting wraps up. 6 edited images of your choice delivered within 48 ours of selection (Because I have no life). There is some wardrobe at the studio but as always items you have in your own collection will be a guaranteed fit. This shoot is $225 with an hour in styling and 45 minutes shooting time.

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