Running Clinic

 30 May
 Coquitlam, location to be confirmed
  - - -
 Mike Tubbs
Like to run? Want to like to run? Come check out my workshop on proper running technique. This will not be a "learn to run" program in the sense of the traditional programs where you walk/run etc...This will be learning to run the optimum way for the human body. Preventing injuries, increasing your speed and distance. We will also go over pre and post run nutrition. You WILL improve your running. The cost will be on a Pay What You Can/Want basis. What this means is that at the end of the workshop I will have a box and some blank envelopes. You put in what you can afford to pay and based on what you think it was worth. The reason for the envelopes is so that if you can't pay as much, you can still attend and not feel bad about it. Seriously, if you think you will benefit from the workshop but money is tight, come anyway. The suggested price would be $25-30

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