30 May
 Las Vegas, NV, United States
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 Josue Santos
THIS EVENT IS OPEN TO EVERYONE, WALKERS AND RUNNERS! This FREE event is meant to promote self confidence and self love with a way to participate in a 5K each month in your local turf while at the same time, being part of a HUGE growing community from all over vegas that come together once a month. This virtual event is expense free as registrations to running events can be so costly. What is a virtual 5k?? A: A virtual 5k is something everyone can participate in, from all over vegas as a part of the Jose– RUN4U team :) Every month, I will come up with a date for our 5k that month and no matter your location, shape or size, you can get involved and participate in our 5k. You can run / walk it on the road, on the treadmill, use a video, the idea is to get moving !!. Here is how the monthly virtual 5k’s will work – At the first of every month I will post the new challenge for the month AND the date for our virtual 5k, along with our 5k bib on our event page here. Just click the BiB photo for that event and print it. Then submit your photos to our event page, so we can give everyone their praises! You could participate and due the 5K on the same day as everyone (5/30/2015) or if you like you can do it on your own time and the day of your choice, just complete before the 5K (5/30/2015), don't forget to upload your photos. (GOING = PARTICIPATION)

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