Run For Bryan

 23 May
 801 Salem Ave Winston Salem Nc
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 Mike Crider
5k / 1 mile walk for my son and everyone affected by schizencephaly. My goal is to raise money for adaptive equipment needed for my son and others,while raising awareness for schizencephaly. Many sources define Schizencephaly as a very rare cortical malformation that results in gray matter-line clefts that can impact one or both sides of the brain. The brain malformation can occur during the first 4 to 9 weeks of pregnancy. Also known as Split Brain disorder, the first documented case of the disorder was dated in 1946 by Yakovlev and Wadsworth. It’s predicted that in 1998, the name Schizencephaly was adopted by the medical community. With only an estimated 7,000 cases reported, Schizencephaly is the second rarest known brain malformation. According to a study in the UK, the probability of having Schizencephaly is 1.48 for every 100,000 births (Stang and Dr. Krucik, 2013). These numbers can vary in different countries where the disorder can often be misdiagnosed for one of its underlying conditions.

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