RUGOSA w/Temples Fall, Eyes Like Twenty & Pulverise @ THE BLACK SWAN, BRADFORD

 22 May
 The Black Swan
 148 Thornton Road - BD1 2JH - City of Bradford - United Kingdom
 Jason Fieldhouse
The Black Swan, Bradford, has been a massive support of live rock, metal and punk acts, and of great music in general, for ages, and Rugosa have played here many times, we LOVE this place, and are glad to be back here again!! :-D And this time we mean business!!! ,,/ RUGOSA RETURNS: After the winter months, and toiling away in the practice room, working on new songs, and making the set more explosive than ever, Rugosa are ready to strike out and show you all what we've been up to, this is the middle of a run of dates planned for us, cannot wait to see you all!! Check out all the great female fronted metal bands we have for you!! ARE YOU REEEAADYY??? PULVERISE: If you smoosh together elements of the hip-hop, rap, metal, hardcore music genres, an insane dreaded female screamer, nutty guitar riffmesiter, a most excellent bass basher and a psycho female drum monster…… You’ll get Pulverise! Pulverise are just over a year old and are based in Leeds/Bradford. With many influences from the metal and hip hop scenes and experience in many other bands their energy, passion and insanity is high! Fun is the aim with these guys, guaranteed to bring the party but most of all THE NOISE! EYES LIKE TWENTY: Solid, funky drums. Double octave bass riff goodness. Quickfire rap stylings. Eyes Like Twenty are a band from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Need I say more? YOU NEED TO SEE THIS BAND!! TEMPLES FALL: Temples Fall are a professional hard rock/groove rock band from the Wakefield area. The band, although all coming from both different lifestyles and musical interests, unite around the same belief, we need change. Music is an art form, created without physical function, only expression and entertainment. Brought together by this, we write our music in the hope that, others can relate to it and prefer a great show to a great record. Our primary focus is to give the best show we possibly can every time we step on stage, delivering our own music in the best way. We aren’t in this for fame or fortune, as cliché as it may sound; we do it for our love of music and performing. If we make a buck and get ourselves noticed doing this, it’s a bonus. And finally! RUGOSA: Rugosa are a female fronted Power Metal band, with keyboards, and synth, rockin' guitars, solos, LOUD ass drumming, and bringing lots more bass to fore..... Hailing from Brighouse, West Yorkshire, with a tip of the hat to Britain's own Iron Maiden, but mostly to Power Metal acts such as Nightwish, Evanescence, and Within Temptation and blending with our Yorkshire grown 'MORE BASS, MORE DRUMS!! MORE!!' :-D check us out on FREE entry for ALL this!!! 1 KILLER VENUE, 4 KILLER BANDS, 4 HOURS OF MUSIC, ON A FRIDAY NIGHT!! what more could you ask for? XD See you all there!! :-D JayJay

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