Rock The Mole: A night of ROCK!!! For Melanoma Awareness

 23 May
 Torquay Pub
 36 Bell Street - 3228 - Torquay - Australia
 Jaz Findlay
A Fundraising and Awareness campaign dedicated to highlighting the importance of skin checks and to raise money for Melanoma Institute Australia At The Torquay Hotel, Saturday 23rd of May. Doors open @ 7pm, $15. The night will include 5 shit hot bands, raffles and door prizes proudly donated by local & international companies. Entry will be 15 bucks on the door. Kick off time to be announced soon. Xx AS A COMMUNITY LETS ROCK OUT, RAISE SOME COIN AND FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!! "Melanoma Institute Australia is a non for profit organisation dedicated to preventing and curing melanoma through innovative world class research, treatment and education programs. OUR RESEARCH, YOUR CARE." - Melanoma Institute Australia The Epic rockalicious bands pulling together to help the cause are: - Battle Axe Howlers - Macondo Blowout - Redro Redriguez & His Inner Demons - The Screamin Honkies - Edwina Clark - Band of One We are all aware of "Slip, Slop, Slap." Why then has Australia got the highest incidence of Melanoma in the world? And why have rates doubled in the last 20 years, killing more young Australians than any other single cancer? I suspect, because not enough emphasis is being put on the importance of regular skin checks. After all, early detection for any cancer, is the key to survival!! "After I was originally diagnosed with Melanoma on February 14th of last year, I simply had know idea really what this cancer was all about. All I did know, was that I was going to beat the creeper! The more research I did, the more terrified I became. But also, the more determined I became in surviving & spreading the word of the importance of skin checks! My life has become a roller coaster of good & bad news since my original diagnosis. After enduring many surgeries last year, my specialists believed they had ‘cleared’ me of this awful disease. Incredible news to hear!! My family, friends & I continued happily along with life – believing I had indeed, dodged a bullet. Then, almost exactly a year to the day of my original diagnosis, it was discovered that my Melanoma was back – or perhaps it had never gone?! The damn thing has returned with vengeance to Lymph Nodes within my salivary gland, just bellow the ear. So my own battle is still on going, further surgery with very scary risks, followed by invasive treatments. Rock The Mole is certainly not about benefiting myself financially during treatment – as much as my friends & countless strangers would like it to be. It is to raise awareness, and funds for much needed research into this awful creeper of a disease. Melanoma spreads in two ways, via the lymphatic system & via the blood. It has metastasised to my lymph nodes, however I have to believe it will never spread further : brain, liver, lungs or bone. I also have to believe that one day there will be a cure, and I hope that raising awareness will prevent others ever finding themselves in my situation." - Jaz Findlay Xx Please SHARE and INVITE your friends to make this a cracker night !!! how to share event 1.Go to the event 2.Click Share in the top right 3.Select Share Event to post the event on your Timeline how to invite mates 1.Go to the event 2.Click Share > Invite Friends in the top right 3.Search for and select friends to invite and then click Send Accommodation: There are several place to stay and the Torquay Hotel has rooms, and there is also a caravan park directly across the road. links: Thank you, see ya there!!

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