Rock that Suit Fitness Challenge!

 22 May
 "US & Canada"...
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 Julia Marie Spadafora Badala
*Now filling spots for the after Memorial Day ROCK THAT SUIT CHALLENGE!!!* ** it's almost summer!!! Have more energy, feel more confident, and Rock that bathing suit this summer! ** ==> ENROLL TODAY! Taking only 20 people. Enrollment begins today and ends when spots are filled or on 5/18! I will get back to you as soon as I can and take first ones that make a commitment. APPLY by messaging me your email and interest in the group with your health & fitness goals! (or email me at ************************************************************** Do you want to BLAST through pounds and inches? So you want more energy, want to feel better, look better, have higher energy levels, AND Rock that Bathing suit this summer? SUMMER is right around the corner and SUMMER BODIES are made NOW. ABOUT ME -- Getting in shape will help you live life to the fullest as you'll have higher energy levels, get more positive, feel stronger and more confident! I was 200 LBS when I started my weight loss journey. Doctor said that I was overweight, borderline diabetic, and had high cholesterol. I was tired, over weight, and ready for a change. Once I started doing my fitness program and changing the way I ate by following treating plan I started to shed weight and made a change! Through my journey I’ve lost 30lbs and many inches! I also helped my husband loose 30lbs and my son loose 20lbs! My helping myself helped my whole family! I’m still on my journey! All you need is the right proven path!! I have that for you. I am putting together a Virtual Fitness & Nutrition Bootcamp where we use; > a weekly clean eating meal plan that I even use for my family of 4, > shopping lists, meal plasn, and recipes, > we workout 30 min a day 5-7 days a week at home, > and use the group for support, motivation, accountability and learning, fun group challenges and a few super fun prizes at the end for overall participation and transformation effort. The point is to get results and to create life long healthy habits that come in the form of being healthy from the inside out! **If you are interested in joining my group, because it is a private group (I am only opening 20 spaces in this group 20 women in the group), I request that you; 1. ADD me as friend so I can add you into the group when that time comes. 2. Register by messaging me your email and healthy & fitness goals. 3. Invite a friend to join and receive a $10 rebate (rules apply, please ask for details.) We do this all online, at our homes, on our times and then check into the group daily. Very simple and convenient. It's a fun group, but we are also very serious about committing to our goals and using it as a place to check in daily and to learn. My groups fill up fast so please message me quickly. I'm super excited to have you in the group! ****Some people already have the right fitness tools, however please keep in mind that you may need the right fitness tools to get started. We can determine that when we chat.*** @ For new customers or coaches on my team - Courageous Coaches. This is NOT for anyone who's already a discount coach under someone else or working with another BB Coach. ** US & Canada only

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