13 June
 Broken Oar
 614 Rawson Bridge Rd - 60010 - Fox River Valley Gardens - United States
 Ron Davis
Anyone who was there in 2014 knows how much FUN this party was....can we top that one? Ummmmmm, YES!!!! Definitely so! R S M FEST 2 will be such a major KICK OFF THE SUMMER event that I wanted everyone to know way in advance the date so they can plan this one out ahead of time! You wont want to miss this one! 5 ROCKING BANDS this year!!! COVER DOGS, JUDAS BEAST, TRASH CAN SYMPHONY, LOVEDRIVE and T.B.A. will all be ready to ROCK YOU!!!! RSVP to give us an idea on who may be interested in being at this historical event of OVER-FUN!

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