Robb Bank$ (US) & Chris Travis (US) @ Hydrozagadka, Warsaw 21.5.

 21 May
 Klub Hydrozagadka
 11 listopada 22 - 03-436 - Praga - Poland
Robb Bank$ & Chris Travis presented by Kardi. Invite your friends who are diggin' this cloud shit. :)) Line up: Robb Bank$ (US) Chris Travis (US) IndigoChildRick (US) yeezuz2020 + DJ Blvze (CZ) DJs Jon (Too NICE) (UK) // // Entry: from 35zl Diversity, endless references to anime, lean, weed and his past. Dragon Ballz, comparing Pokémons to female sexual skills, himself to the character Luke Shapiro (The wackness - watch it, if you've never did). Yes this is exactly $ Robb Banks - "Hoes, weed, flexin ', mixing drank .. All that shit pretty much hooligan." When he was 6 years old, he had to move from NYC to Florida, where he was brought up by his mom. But as he says his "father" there were Haitians who taught him everything. His father is Shaggy, with whom never had a good relationship, even they are working on it. His first EP was with Meyer Lansky, followed by solo debut Calendars and then Tha City (everything below to download). Currently doing on the Year of the Savage. Mini profil : Robb Bank$ ** EP w/ Meyer Lansky - Everyday Except Monday EP Solo debut Calendars - Tha City - Chris Travis ** Robb Bank$ & Chris Travis – No Trespassing (EP) Chris Travis & Bones - SeaBeds Live From The East Go Home Gotham City Side Effects Ep After Effects Ep Stay Pure E.P Never Forget Codeine & Pizza Silence Of Me Eternally Hidden In The Mist Born In The Winter

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