Riverside Camping Weekend

 30 May
  Seoul National Univ. of Education (교대역) Station Exit #14
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 John Hyun
https://www.facebook.com/groups/wheninkorea/events/ Camping? Barbeque? Climbing? Swimming in an uncrowded river on a hot day? Yes, please! Let's go camping off the beaten path in Gangwon-do! It's near a small town with a calm, meandering river, a surrounding forest, campgrounds on the riverbed, a natural climbing wall, basketball and tennis courts, some moderate hiking trails, minbaks, simple convenient stores, and traditional Korean BBQ. It’s a fair distance away from the bright lights of Wonju, so if the skies are clear, we’ll be sure to see some stars at night. Sometimes it’s tough to escape the crowds in Korea, and some local Korean families enjoy the riverside here during the day, but as soon as the sun begins to set we’ll have the riverside and stars pretty much all to ourselves. WHAT CAN WE DO THERE? -Pitch tents on the river bed and camp for a night under the stars! (GMarket.com sells cheap tents and delivers quickly.) -Stay in a simple, yet cozy and traditional minbak- just a few meters by the river if you don’t want to camp. -Rent a 3-4 person tent from Wink -Set up a hammock by the river. (Also available on Gmarket.com) -Eat traditional Korean barbeque dinner outside, all together. (A vegetarian option can be made available.) -Bring your guitar or any other musical instrument to play by the campfire. -Roast marshmallows over the open fire (or bring anything else to roast). -Rock climb on the natural wall across the river (must bring your own gear). -Go for a mild river trek, explore and take some photos of nature. -Hike up the moderate trails nearby. -Take a scenic 6~8 KM ride on the bike rail. -Bring your basketball and tennis equipment and play on the courts. -Bathe in the sun on the sandy riverbed. -Go for a swim in the cool and calm river. -Enjoy the weekend and discover more of the countryside of Gangwon-do! 5/30 (SAT) 8:00AM Depart Seoul National Univ. of Education (교대역) Station Exit #14 10:00AM Arrive, pitch tents or hammocks, have fun and enjoy the riverside activities. 10:30AM Wonju Bus Terminal Pickup Possible 12:00PM Eat yummy sandwiches for lunch! 2:00PM Check into the minbak (optional) 4:00PM A chance to ride the rail bikes around the area! (optional) 6:00PM Korean Pork Bbq Dinner outside 8:00PM Campfire, music, roast marshmallows, night swim! 12:00AM Sleep 5/31 (SUN) 10:00AM Eat brunch and free time! 11:00AM Check out of minbak 12:00PM Last chance for the scenic rail bikes! ;) 1:00PM Collapse tents, pack up and clean up any litter. 2:30PM Wonju Bus Terminal Drop Off Possible 3:30PM Depart for Seoul 6:30PM Arrive in Seoul. (교대역) SWIM AND CHILL IN THE SUN Swim or float around in the clean and cool river of Ganhyeon. You can borrow inner-tubes from WINK. It’s a calm current and isn’t too deep at all. The river is surrounded by mountain sides covered in forest. We will hang out on the sandier areas of the river bed, but there are some rockier areas we’ll avoid. Set up your tent on the sand or a hammock along the river, if you have one and lay back. CAMPGROUNDS ON THE RIVERBED Camping on the sandy riverbed is possible, and free if you BRING YOUR OWN TENT. You may rent a 3-4 person tent from WINK. You may also choose to sleep under the stars with just your sleeping bag. It could be quite chilly at night so bundle up, but that could also mean no mosquitos! Open, public bathrooms and (cold) showers are available. MINBAK If you DO NOT OWN A TENT or sleeping bag, you may choose to stay in a shared (and warm) min-bak, just a few steps away from the riverbed. A min bak and traditional and very simple Korean accommodation. There you would be sleeping on the floor blankets provided. We will check in at 2pm on Saturday and check out at 11am on Sunday. If you still want to sleep longer than 11am, then there’s always the riverbed. ROCK CLIMBING What Ganhyeon is known for is the natural limestone crag just beside the river where we’ll stay. There are a good few multipitch climbs here and enough grade variations to hold an interest for everyone. You will need to bring your own gear (rope, quickdraws, beaners, harness, helmet, shoes and belay device). Wink is also not responsible for any accidents; lost or stolen gear. Climbing without gear is prohibited. RIDE THE BIKE RAIL Go on a scenic ride along the old railways by bike! Ride 6~8 km above the trees, over the fields, and along the river. You can rent a 2 person rail bike for 25,000w or a 4 person rail bike for 35,000w. They are running once every two hours from 9:00am til 6:40pm. However, paying the same day upon arrival is not guaranteed. We recommend including this cost when you transfer the trip payment to reserve a bike at least a week ahead of time. If a reservation cannot be made in time, your extra payment for the bikes will be refunded. BASKETBALL & TENNIS If you’re into basketball or tennis, bring your equipment and start up a game with friends! There are a couple courts in walking distance nearby the river. MILD RIVER TREKKING Explore further down the river and discover some new swimming spots! Bring a tube! We will bring a couple of them. HIKING There are a couple of short hiking paths up the mountain side, near where we will stay. Some people hike up and repel down if they have their own gear and are experienced. SATURDAY LUNCH SANDWICHES Wink will be providing sandwich makings. Please be considerate of others before you build a towering sandwich. If you think you could eat more than a sandwich please bring your own snacks. If you think you will require a second lunch, there is a town about a 20 minute walk beyond the park entrance which has a few noodle restaurants if you feel like exploring that far. There are a few basic* stores along the river but they may only be selling water, alcohol and ramen noodles. OUTDOOR TRADITIONAL KOREAN BBQ DINNER We’ll join together Saturday evening at 6 for some traditional Korean pork barbecue and drinks, outside by the river, en plein air. If you’re a vegetarian there will be tofu (and bibimbap?) as an alternative. CAMPFIRE and ROASTING MARSHMALLOWS It should be a pretty special night, weather permitting. Around dusk, we’ll need some help collecting tinder, kindling and logs from the forests to build our fire. Please leave the fire building to us for safety reasons. We’ll provide marshmallows for roasting. Then, we’ll hang out around the fire talking, sharing stories, and having a drink. Bring other food items to roast if you wish. If you have a guitar and can play, bring it! If you feel like going for a night swim, please use caution. SUNDAY BRUNCH with DRIP COFFEE and BACON! Wake up beside the river, sit back and have a cup of drip brewed coffee to start the morning off right. Enjoy brunch outdoors! We’ll be having eggs, toast, jam, butter, bananas and BACON. Yes, plenty of bacon! TENTS We have some tents that you can rent (30K Deposit). After all of our tents have been spoken for you will have to bring you own tent to share. In general our tents are 3 or 4 person tents and we will assign tent-mates on the bus if you have not made arrangements in advance. WINK KITCHEN AND TAPHOUSE Its true. WinK is going to open a restaurant beer taphouse in Seoul. The food (Mexican and South American favorites and burgers and more) is going to be amazing and 6 great real beers to choose from. What a great way to end the trip! And they are offering a 10,000 won voucher good for anything on the menu. (valid for 4 weeks). WE RECOMMEND BRINGING -a tent (can buy a cheap one easily on GMARKET.com) -a sleeping bag or a warm blanket (could be pretty chilly at night) -a hammock -a swimsuit -a towel -a water tube -warmer clothes for the evening* -a water canteen* -bug spray* -sun screen* -a flashlight or headlamp -toiletries (there are community bathrooms and showers) -a waterproof phone case -socks and sneakers (or boots) for hiking -water shoes for river trekking -basketball or tennis rackets & balls for the courts -climbing gear: helmet, rope, quickdraws, beaners, belay device, shoes, etc. (you are not permitted to climb without gear.) -extra cash for renting camping equipment, buying snacks or drinks from the basic convenient stores (they are far more basic than your average CU, GS25 or MINIstop) -a camera -any extra food you would like to roast over the fire -your guitar, harmonica, accordion or any other musical instrument to play peacefully by the fire COST The Basic Cost of this trip is 69,000 if you make your deposit on or before 4/29 (April 29th) and includes: 1. Round trip private chartered bus 2. Sandwich Lunch by the River 3. Korean Pork BBQ Dinner 4. Sunday Brunch 5. 10,000 won Voucher for WinK Kitchen and Taphouse 6. Trip Leaders After 4/29, the Basic Cost of this trip will be 72,000 KRW until the end of 5/6. After 5/6, the Basic Cost of this trip will be 75,000 KRW. Add 10,000W for shared room (5 to 10 person minbak ondol room) at the min bak. Add 10,000 if you want to share WinK tent good for 3 or 4 people. Add 25,000w to reserve a 2 person rail bike one week prior Add 35,000w to reserve a 4 person rail bike one week prior (if there are no rail bike reservations available, the 25,000/35,000w will be refunded) GROUP DISCOUNT 3,000 KRW discount for each person of a group of 5 to 9. 5,000 KRW discount to each person of a group of 10 or more. To Qualify: The group leader must submit all names by email, from which point all deposits must be received within 24 hours. FREQUENT TRAVELER DISCOUNT 1,000 KRW discount for having attended 1 or 2 trips. 3,000 KRW discount for having attended 3 or 4 trips. 5,000 KRW discount for having attended 5 to 9 trips. 10,000 KRW discount for having attended 10 or more trips. To Qualify: List all of your previous trips in your deposit info email. TENT We can order Tent and Sleeping Mat and Sleeping Bag for you delivered to your address for a 5,000 won processing charge. Let us know if you would like us to do that. This link is for one of the lowest priced tents available. http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/Item/detailview/Item.aspx?goodscode=207680433&pos_class_cd=111111111&pos_class_kind=T&pos_shop_cd=RC SIGN UP PROCEDURE (1) Send all inquiries to: WHENINKOREA@GMAIL.COM and be sure to check wall post notifications by trip hosts for any changes and updates before departure. (2) DEPOSIT TO: Kookmin Bank (KB) 국민은행 814-302-04-052-125 Cho, William (조윌리엄) BANK CODE: 04 OR PAYPAL: wheninkorea@gmail.com Paypal amount will be the amount in won divided by 1000. So as an example if it says 95,000 won then its $95 USD for paypal amount. USD only please. We are using 1000 won because Paypal charges 3% and then there are wire transfer charges to bring funds to Korea and then there are exchange rate charges as well. We prefer Korean won deposits. (3) With the trip title as your subject line, please email WHENINKOREA@GMAIL.COM with the following details after you make your deposit. GENDER: NAME (FIRST NAME LAST NAME): MIDDLE NAME (if you have it for your bank account) NAME OF TRIP: TRIP DEPARTURE DATE: DEPOSIT AMOUNT: DEPOSIT DATE: DEPOSIT TIME: CELL PHONE #: WHERE WILL YOU MEET US?: WHAT TIME?: WHERE ARE YOU COMING FROM (which town or neighbourhood will you go back to?): WHAT OPTIONS, IF ANY?: If you are part of a group please include the name of the group leader and if you are the group leader please include the names of folks in your group. (4) TRAVEL INSURANCE You can buy travel insurance online. Here is an example of one of the many sites where you can buy insurance online: http://www.worldnomads.com/ We do not provide travel insurance. It is not required to have insurance to join the trip but highly recommend to get one in case. Please keep in mind the Liability Disclaimer below. We are not liable in anyway during or after the trip. (5) REFUND / CREDIT POLICY: Time of Deposit to 7 Days before Departure Time = 5,000 won Cancellation Charge per person for Refund of Deposit Amount to your bank account or kept as credit. 7 Days to 72 hours before Departure Time = 15,000 won Cancellation Charge per person for Refund of Deposit Amount to your bank account or kept as credit. 72 hours to 24 hours before Departure Time = 25,000 won Cancellation Charge per person for Refund of Deposit Amount to your bank account or kept as credit. 24 Hours before Departure Time to Not Attend = 10,000 won non-transferable credit for future trip. Please provide account # by email to WHENINKOREA@GMAIL.COM in order to receive a refund/credit. (6) LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: THIS TRAVEL GROUP IS NOT LIABLE IN ANYWAY DURING OR AFTER YOUR TRIP. Please be careful and be mindful of safety. You are responsible for your own safety. You have the right to not do anything that you believe is too dangerous. None of the activities will be forced on you against your own will. (7) WINK EMAIL RESPONSE HOURS: Regular Email Response Hours are 10AM to 6PM from Monday to Friday. Emails received after 6PM on Friday will be responded by noon on Monday. List of all upcoming trips at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wheninkorea/events

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