Right Voice For You - 2.5 Day Workshop with Lisen

 22 May
 Copenhagen, Denmark
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 Lisen Bengtsson
What would it be like if you were willing to be you in totality in front of others, with no judgment of you... and enjoy it? Would the whole world change? Right Voice For You is a workshop which uses the tools and processes of Access Consciousness to assist people with finding and sharing their voice with the world. These workshops help unlock all the things that keep you from singing, writing, speaking, or communicating in your own voice, allowing you to have and be more of YOU! In this 2.5 day live workshop you will learn to: * Identify and change the obstacles that may be holding you back in your life * Banish stage fright and performance anxiety * Be totally comfortable being YOU in front of an audience of any size * Increase your charisma, confidence and personal magnetism * Adopt the beliefs, identity and attitudes of masterful speakers and performers * Become the natural storyteller you truly be * Quiet your mind to be totally in the present and spontaneous in your performance (and life!) * Walk and move in a way which will open doors for you in the world. * Learn to be "direct without force" and watch your life become easy! The magic of Right Voice For You is its ability to assist people in letting go of judgments and conclusions that have stifled them and their creative voice. The beauty of these tools is you don't have to know what's keeping you stuck. You don't have to know why things aren't working; you just have to be willing to consider a different possibility. WHEN? 22-24 May Friday 22/5, 18:30-21:00, registrations from 18:00 Sat & Sun 10:00-18:00 WHERE? Copenhagen PRICE? 1050 USD (repeat price 700USD) Registration at http://www.accessconsciousness.com/class_details.asp?cid=56109 Lisen Bengtsson Access Facilitator & Access Organizer Bars, Foundation & Level 1 Right Voice for You "Cert. Coach" Lisen +46 708 39 39 97 | lisen.bengtsson@me.com

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