Right Now Tree Plantation For Better Environment

 12 June
  - - -
 Sheikh Mohammad Yousuf Hossain
Trees and plants are the prime source of environmental purification and beautification. Trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, reduce temperature and create a healthy effect, both physically and psychologically, on human beings. In fact, forests are the only natural industry which produces oxygen. According to international standards, area under forests should form at least 25 per cent of the total land inhabited by a human population. But the area covered by forests in our country has been reduced to about 4.8 per cent of the total land. These statistics do not include the frontier areas. In such circumstances we should plant more and more trees. In pursuance of this resolve, volunteers of a public sector RIght Now Volunteer Association Of Bangladesh organised a tree plantation campaign. These Volunteers devoted their Friday to planting saplings and beautification of the Country. The environment of the college lawns was drastically changed in just one day because of tree plantation by these Volunteers. It is true that the youth of Bangladesh possesses a great potential and spirit to change society. They can change every negative into a positive aspect. They can change any calamity into an opportunity. All they need is proper guidance and encouragement. Considering the zeal of the Country Volunteers we can say that the future of Bangladesh is bright, secure and prosperous because future belongs to the youth. Contact Person: Md. Jabed Hossain Vice President RIght Now Volunteer Association Of Bangladesh Mobile:01715893547 Email:RightnowBangladesh@gmail.com

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