Rigger Boot Camp - Amalion & Felix Ruckert

 27 May
 Schwelle 7
 Uferstraße 6 - 13357 - Berlin - Germany
 Felix Ruckert
RIGGER BOOT CAMP Traditional and Innovative Japanese Rope Bondage An Intensive Training week for intermediate and Advanced Riggers Amalion & Felix Ruckert Website: http://www.schwelle7.de/FelixAmalion.html Registration: schwelle7(at)gmx(dot)de This is a five-day-intensive for those who wish to take their rope skills to the next level. Amalion and Felix join their forces to offer you the best of well proven, traditional techniques and methods, combined with creative and innovative approaches to Kinbaku. Their wish is to help you acquire a solid technical understanding of the art form and provide you with a base for mastering original ties and figures as well as tools for developing your own personal style. The workshop offers 5 days / 60 hours of intense bootcamp training and practice. Intermediate to advanced riggers only. For application please tell us about your experience and send us a sample of your work. TRADITION Learning and revisiting traditional japanese patterns (Osada Steve, Kinoko , Arisue Go, Akira Naka): Various Takate-Kote (upper body harness), e.g. - Ushiro Takate Kote (Osada Ryu 2- und 3-rope, Kazami, Esinem) - Hojo Takate Kote - Tasuki Takate Kote Various Hip-Harnesses Genital ties (Matanawa u.a.) Uncomfortable (torturous) tying (Semanawa) Tsuri-rope tying drill Semi-Suspensions - Kata-Ashi-Tsuri Suspensions - Yoko-Tsuri (Osada Ryu, Arisue Go and other variations) - Aomuke-Tsuri - Ebi-Tsuri - Gyaku-Ebi-Tsuri - Futomomo-Tsuri - Sakasa-Tsuri (waist, hip, feet) - and others Special focus will be laid on safe and fluid transitions between positions as well as elegant exits. Actually taught figures will strongly depend on the participants‘ skills - Martial arts teaching approach including meditative practice - Decomposition of movements into katas - Precision and speed in rope guiding - Efficiency and aesthetics in movement - de-noise your tying - colour your tying with various intentions/energies Blind tying, tying in difficult positions Tie with your body, not only with your hands INNOVATION - creative integration of costumes and objects ( bamboo, furniture etc..) - creative floorwork within the japanese style - creative suspensions within the japanese style - free style floorwork and suspensions - creative variations based on individual anatomic features - basics of composition in time and space - performance skills: Presence, Attitude, Impulse, Resonance Schedule: Wednesday - Sunday, Daily 10-13 Technique and Efficiency /// 15-18 Aesthetics and Creativity /// 20-22 Emotion and Composition FEE: 500 EUR per couple / Rigger&Model If you are a single rigger, we can help you find a model as long as you provide the complete fee. schwelle7 members 400 EUR

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