Returning to Your Wild Nature- 2 day Event - Edinburgh

 30 May
 Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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 Living Strength
"Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from." - Terry Tempest Williams In nature we can become more aware of ourselves, each other and the world around us, becoming deeply inspired, creative and connected. Allowing us glimpses into our own living wild being, the part of us that recognises the awe of our environment, ecology and our place in it. This experience of touching that state of being a living, original human existence gives an opportunity to reconnect to those primary motivations that can act as a catalyst to achieve our potential Rob will facilitate a journey of self discovery through ancient traditions and skills for equilibrium living in the modern world. On this two day non residential event you will be introduced the skills off : Day 1- Saturday 30st of May The main focus of this will be the “physical” aspect of our wild nature introducing some of the skills and knowledge that we would need to exist within the the wild environment. It will also touch on the Nature Awareness- the skill that connect us to in the environment Some of the skill's and technology you will be introduced to: Fire by friction Foraging Cordage Knife work Nature Awareness Day 2- Sunday 31st of May The focus on this day will on more of the innate aspect of our “wild” nature and deep ecology and the skills that facilitate a sense of interconnection with our environment. Our place with it and how it affect us, how we affect it and how we affect ourselves. This day will be going beyond knowledge into direct experience. Some of the skill's and technology you will be introduced to: Tracking Wilderness Philosophy Deep ecology Bird language Through these ancient technologies and the art of play Rob will facilitate a learning process that goes beyond the intellect and is directly experienced to give you simple accessible skill to repeat, investigate and explore your own natural awareness and humanity. It is the application of Awareness to maintain an active state of equilibrium that enables action rather than reaction. Cost: £120 for two days £65 for one day Non refundable deposit of £60 for 1 day, £100 for 2days Venue: Lord Ancrums Woods located in the Newbattle Abbey College in dalkeith Contact Course Organiser- Mark Appleford 0787 507 4646 About Wild nature Wild nature was founded by Rob Fallon with a vision to reconnect children and adults back to a deeper awareness of themselves and the natural world that is our home, to discover our own true wild nature. Rob Fallon Robert is a unique and inspiring educator and wilderness survival guide, bringing together a multitude of disciplines from a lifetime of practices. He is a father, community leader and mentor, and shiatsu practitioner. He has trained and taught internationally, and is involved in various ongoing programs supporting nature reconnection, rites of passage and community regeneration. My reasons for bringing Rob Fallon to Edinburgh I was lucky enough to live with Rob for a year and get to experience his integrity, humour and passion for life and people. I would see him come back after doing a weekend or a course and he was completely drained as he had give so much and held the space for people. I was fortunate for us to share skill, wisdom and laughter and deepen my understanding of deep ecology. I am grateful to call this man my brother in the truest sense and want others to have this opportunity as well Testimonials ''A day in nature with Rob will open your heart as well as your eyes to the wonders of nature.” - Robin Life ''What starts off as an overnight learning bush craft skills,.. transcended into a deeply profound and spiritual experience - connecting deeply with nature and allowing nature to connect up with us. Rob leads with a beauty and finesse, holding the group With his deep compassion and passion for his expertise. He will take you places that will surprise you and leave you feeling refreshed and wanting more....walking down the street in owl eyes will never be the same! '' - Aaron Swartz

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