05 June
 Purple Turtle Camden
 65 Crowndale Road - NW1 1TN - Camden Town - United Kingdom
 Linz Griffin
The Retribution Alive road trip continues. March in Camden, April in Leytonstone, May in Highbury and now June sees a return to Camden! We are proud to announce 2 headliners for June. First up is Furnaze, a 3-piece thrash outfit from London who like ripping up Germany as much as possible while sharing the stage with bands such as Deicide, Exodus, Legion of the Damned, Impaled, Belphegor, Watain, Amorphis, Morgoth, Izegrim and many more! Second headliners are the almighty doom outfit King Goat. If you saw them at Bloodstock last year or this very venue during their tour in April you'll be rushing back! The bands finish at 00.30 which means we have a special Graveyard Shift set from London-based extreme metallers Scutum Crux! The Retribution club night keeps the neighbours awake until 4am! Bands playing 7.40pm-00.30am: FURNAZE (second headliners) FURNAZE are a 3-piece thrash metal band based in London. Their motto: METAL THERAPY á la FURNAZE! Musical expression of life's frustrations, anger and aggression - construction vs. destruction. Founded by Belgian guitarist KRIMSON LE DIABLE, FURNAZE breathe new fire into thrash metal, whilst musically reinventing the meaning of power and accuracy of live performances on any stage. The band’s new album, "NONE MORE BLACK" (mixed by renowned Swedish engineer / producer Fredrik Nordström (The Haunted, In Flames, Arch Enemy) convinces with catchy riffs and melodies, blistering guitar solos, arse tight rhythms, pounding yet groovy bass lines and brutally heavy drums with machine gun like double bass attack, which results into an ultimate sonic thrash metal assault in every audible sense. Renowned for their energetic live shows, FURNAZE continue to play to enthusiastic crowds building a strong and loyal following along the way, always giving 200%, regardless of this happening on large stages or smaller club shows. "...Krimson le Diable magically conjures one dream solo after another out of his fretboard. Other Thrash Metal bands easily require five or more people to transport the force this British trio transports tonight! An awesome, epic sounding and little short of legendary performance" - (K. Krings, Metal Hammer, Germany) KING GOAT (first headliners) Prog Doom Metal based in Brighton. "King Goat took to the stage with the scent of incense hanging heavy and from the opening chords this fairly new band from Brighton managed to create a real sense of mysticism. Final Decline set the mood early with plenty of nice heavy grooves. Hint’s of early Black Sabbath crept through in Nuclear Messiah.... Front man, Trim, has a cool stage presence and instantly clicked with the audience as he ventured on to the floor amonst the punters for their closer – Cosmic Mastermind." - Metal Mouth "Last night, they unleashed their thundering riffs with great skill and energy, but what was surprising was the delivery of frontman Trim... Enormously charismatic and engaging, Trim instantly connected with the crowd (sometimes literally as he climbed down from the stage), ensuring that the evening hit the ground running." - DoomMetalHeaven Influences include Candlemass, Celtic Frost, Melechesh, Secret Chiefs 3, Cathedral, Opeth, Ihsahn, Mastodon, 60's and 70's psychedelia and progressive rock. SCUTUM CRUX (Special Graveyard Shift set at midnight after the 2 headliners) Scutum Crux was founded in 2003 in Poland by Demiurge (Sturmtiger, Necrosadistic Goat Torture, ex-Embrional) and led as a studio project when several songs, filled with an influenced power and reason, have been written, mixed and recorded. The first promo material has been released, containing 3 of these songs. A proper band was established in 2011, after another damned soul have joined, Svarth (Actum Nocturnum, Death In Veins) who injected even more energy into the entire project. Sick and destructive bass lines comnbined with drums of war, riffs from hellish deeps and lyrics full of abomination create an epic structure of the mighty Scutum Crux with Polish tradition. In November 2013 Scutum Crux released a first full length album "The Second Sun". With this line up, ScX started to perform introducing a new way of understanding the past and looking into the future from a different angle. Scutum Crux lurked in the darkness for years and now revealed, giving others the chance to understand the sense of existence. STRAUSS "What Strauss offer on this EP are 6 chunks of storming stoner rock played with a full on old school metal attitude all slathered in a layer of sludge. This is a damn fine first release from Strauss and for fans of catchy stoner grooves with a dirty sludgier edge, this is essential listening" - Heavy Planet "There seems to be more of a modern twist to the songs this time, as evidenced by some of the less-typically-Stoner riffs and inventive vocal patterns" - Wonderboxmetal "There's an unrelenting, vicious energy to the sound Strauss create. It's an aggressive, chugging steamroller set of songs that take unexpected elements and fuse them into something that's very listenable" - Ninehertz "All meeting and melting together in London, maybe it’s the Spanish interior and southern Italian influences that make it desert sounding" - Inhale The Heavy OPHIUCHUS Ophiuchus is a three piece Death-Doom band from Kingston Upon Thames. Founded by guitarist/vocalist Charles Kirton and Drummer Jørgen Bjørnstad in 2011. Tobias Perrin joined on Bass and Vocals, completing the line up in 2013. Combining the frantic tempos and the technicality of death metal with the slow mesmerising riffs and atmosphere of doom - dynamic, extremity and atmosphere are tools to colour the sprawling, concept driven songs. Ophiuchus' sound is expansive and melodic, dark and heavy. DJs: DJ 69 (Retribution Alive resident / Bloodstock's Club Serpent / Intrepid Fox / Unholy / Kings Arms Bexleyheath) DJ GRIFFIN (Retribution Alive resident / Bloodstock's Club Serpent / Intrepid Fox / Sonic Rebellion / Heaven and Hell) + DJ Delirium (Kings Arms Rock Night, UnStable @ Iron Horse, The Noiseletter, Rock Night Live) + one more guest RETRIBUTION CLUB NIGHT - 12.30am to 4am: Expect a whole host of metal exploring many of the genres lurking in the metal shadows and of course the classics from resident DJs 69 and Griffin (Bloodstock's Club Serpent) + guests. RETRIBUTION DIRECTIVES 1) Serve the METAL public 2) Protect the METAL 3) Uphold the METAL 4) Not classified - METAL! You get the idea! In previous months you could hear everything from Sabbath to Anathema, Emperor to Down, Ghost to Metallica, Children of Bodom to Black Breath, Dio to Carcass, In Flames to Alice In Chains, Amon Amarth to Watain, Jex Thoth to Death, Fen to Primordial, The Heretic Order to Evil Scarecrow, Blood Ceremony to Cannibal Corpse - you get the idea! Remember, tell us what you want to hear! See you there! On the door: - £5 (Retribution + Sonic Rebellion members) - £6 (Facebook event attending list) - £7 (Everyone else)

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