Restoration Agriculture Planting Work Day: Chestnuts, Hazelnuts, and Hickory-Pecans are going in the ground!

 24 May
 Elmer, NJ, United States
  - 08318 - -
 Experimental Farm Network
Hello everyone, As the buzz in the permaculture world focuses in on woody perennial nut, fruit, and berry producing trees, bushes, and vines that grow together in poly-cultures (Mark Shepard style), we at the Experimental Farm Network have decided to try our hand at a chestnut, hazelnut, and hickory-pecan planting, which we ordered from Badgersett Research Corp in Minnesota. Badgersett has been breeding chestnuts and hazelnuts since the late 70s. They foresaw the unsustainable and destructive nature of annual-based grain agriculture long ago. They are true pioneers. WE DO NOT YET KNOW EXACTLY WHEN THESE PLANTS WILL BE ARRIVING. Therefore, at the moment, we have created a time frame for when we expect to receive the plants and have this work day. It is highly likely that we will be having this event on one of the following dates: May 24th (Sunday), May 30th (Saturday), May 31st (Sunday), June 6th (Saturday), or June 7th (Sunday). Whichever day, we will begin at 10 AM and end the day with a bonfire. If you want to come, please stay tuned for a finalized date, which we will be announcing on this event page. *****LOCATION: We prefer to not publicize the exact address of where our farm is located. SO, if you want to come, you need to contact Dusty Hinz directly for the address. You can message him on Facebook, you can e-mail him at, or you can call/text him at 612-834-7502. Thanks! This event is completely free and open to anyone that wants to come. We would love to see you! What to bring: -shovels -water -your own bowl/plate/utensils/cups (to keep things simple and limit waste) -if you would like to, you are welcome to bring some food to share with everyone and/or a few cold beverages for the fire at dusk :) ***If someone wants to volunteer to make a huge pot of down-home something, we would gladly reimburse you for the cost of the food. Let Dusty Hinz know if that is something you want to do. Also, we may have some vegetable starts available for purchase from The Great Full Garden, if they haven't already sold out at this point. Be in touch!

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