RESIDENTIAL WEEKEND for Initiation and Healing in SASKATOON—Grief, Gift, Grit, and Guile: Waken the Sleeping Dragon

 21 May
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 Medicine Without An Expiry Date
HISTORIC MOMENT THAT GREAT CREATIVITY MUST BE UNBRIDLED TO SAVE THE WORLD? Our gathering is a strong immersion around the challenges of naming our gifts definitively enough for them to take fire, and finding our way to the wisdom of weeping because of its proximity to the true nurturance of praise. Our modern culture is almost paralyzed with a refusal to feel deeply, freezing the energy of deep appreciation and gratitude that can drive transformation. In this intensive four-day weekend, we will travel together to explore this essential topic—the task of wakening our ancestors and then demand our place at the table of the gift-givers. Step forward ready and willing to accept the responsibility and the adventure of showing the medicine that you carry, and be ready to offer it where it is needed to give care to the pains of the world. TOPICS Separation and Loss. Why we need the village to be intelligent. Who is doing the work along side of us? What is ferocious enough to find what is needed? Where are we going these days? PROCESS Myth and ritual are a native part of human culture—simply a way to touch the great mysteries put in the embodied language of gathering together as people. It is a way to converse with nature and the world of spirit and archetype accessible to anyone with some introduction. Suitable for those only finding this kind of ritual work for the first time, or for others more familiar with the visits to the Otherworld, this weekend also begins the 2015 Barefoot Shamans Training in Vancouver. The weekend can be attended as a separate module without signing up for the full training. LOCATION We will be gathering at the beautiful Ancient Spirals Retreat Centre near Saskatoon. This is a residential weekend with food and lodging included. Who attends these events? A wide variety of people from every background and age and life experience. That diversity is part of what makes the weekend an experience of “Temporary Village,” and creates a pull for people to continue their new friendships after the weekend. COST Early Bird $595 until 14 days prior to event Regular $695 until event begins Scholarship $495 please phone to request FACILITATOR The facilitator of this weekend is the author of "Medicine Without an Expiry Date: Indigenous Remedy for Modern Trouble." Randy was called as a "Listener for the Other World" in Africa. His passion is to revive the ancient conversation between nature and the human village. He is a drummer, dancer, poet, and "helper of communities," crossing the thresholds of instinct, intimacy, and inspiration. QUESTIONS? Vancouver call Patti Lindgren Gera @ 306.653.2993 REGISTER and pay tuition here:

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