rese arch LAB with Adrian Krężlik and Kacper Radziszewski

 08 June
 Fakulta Architektúry STU
 Námestie Slobody 19 - 812 45 - Bratislava - Slovakia
 Ján Pernecký
CALL FOR FELLOWS rese arch LAB with Adrian Krężlik and Kacper Radziszewski 8-11 June 2015, Bratislava, Slovakia organizers: Ján Pernecký - rese arch Ondrej Zachar - VŠMU Faculty of architecture, STU FabLab Bratislava rese arch LAB This is a call for fellows invitation to join the second of the new type of rese arch events in Bratislava, Slovakia. Starting this spring, rese arch establishes an exchange platform for exceptional researchers in the field of digital design, fabrication, emerging technology and makers. The experts spend two weeks in Bratislava, developing their research project and at the end of their residency we invite eager and interested people – fellows – to form a think-tank and take part in the pinnacle of the project. The event will be highly experimental and no specific result is guaranteed. The event will be accessible also to people who want to observe and learn, however the purpose of the gathering is not to teach, but rather to experiment, consult, make and network. The rese arch LAB is not a tutorial workshop, it’s a platform for a common development. Call for fellows The think-tank gathers around a well-defined and developed research project lead by the project leader. The fellows will join the last 4 days and become part of the project, consult the current state, come up with new ideas and help verify and test the outputs. Even though between the project leader and the fellows is not meant to be a teaching-learning relationship, the rese arch LAB vitally contains also lectures, short tutorial workshops and catching-up sessions. The fellows will learn new knowledge and will gain hands-on experience, however they are required to be able to contribute to the research project. Therefore the position is not open to everyone and the fellows are being invited or called for through a portfolio and CV selection process. The exceptional individuals who can both, benefit from and contribute to the project will be selected by the project leaders and Jan Pernecky. No specific number of open positions are available and it is possible that no one will be chosen. Call for trainees It is expected that the content of the project will be attractive for a wider audience. It will be possible to attend the rese arch LAB to the people with no expertise or previous experience. They will take a role of observers or trainees, who can take part in the research work and can be assigned tasks by the fellows or the project leader. It has to be explicitly stated though, that the event is not meant to teach any specific software or skills and the experiments can fail in achieving an output. The purpose of the event is to meet, experiment, experience and do the best to conduct a cutting-edge research. Application Despite its academic ambition, the rese arch LAB event should keep an informal nature. Therefore there is no specific application form nor a strict application process. We would appreciate if you could send an email at the address of Ján Pernecký ( clearly stating your interest to participate in the rese arch LAB as a fellow. Please, mention also your accommodation requirements and any other remarks you might have. As this is a small project, we will arrange the details of your arrival, stay, participation and payment individually over email. The deadline for the submissions is Friday, 29 May 2015 at noon 12pm, however keep in mind that only a limited number of fellows will be admitted. Costs rese arch strives to conduct a full-fledged research project while keeping it collaborative and open. Having the KUKA robot and the required facilities for pure architectural experimenting is only possible thanks to multiple financial and in-kind supporter. There are private sponsors (Volkswagen Slovakia, JaOnMi CreatureS), public institutions (Faculty of Architecture STU, CVTI/FabLab Bratislava, VŠMU) and private funds (Tatra Banka foundation) as well as multiple individuals (Ondrej Zachar, Tomáš Tholt, Michala Lipková, Peter Benkovský, Jozef Vaško) supporting the ongoing events. Due to the lack for steady current financing we need to charge the participants a fee. This wee fill be used strictly to cover the costs of this and previous/future rese arch LAB events and are not meant to be an income of the organizers. The participation fee is set to the absolute minimum of 150€ for the fellows and 200€ for the trainees, however generous extra donations are also welcome. This covers only the participation at the rese arch LAB event, the traveling expenses and accommodation costs need to be covered by the participants themselves. We can however assist you to find a suitable accommodation or even provide contacts to our friends who would host you as couch surfers. The partners, venue & equipment rese arch recently initiated and became a partner in various projects. The chain of local partners now consists of the Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Academy of Performing Arts, FabLab Bratislava, Progressbar hacker space and multiple private partners, such as JaOnMi CreatureS, Volkswagen Slovakia, e-Sense. Depending on the nature of the respective research project, various equipment will be available – including 3D printers, 3D scanners, milling machines, laser cutters, vinyl cutters. Most of all, rese arch and partners have to their full disposal a robotic arm KUKA KR15/2, which will be the main tool used at the upcoming events. The equipment is located at the venues of the partners spread around the city, however the main venue for the event will be at the workshop of the Faculty of Architecture, where the robotic arm is installed. The organizers The event is initiated and guaranteed by Ján Pernecký, rese arch. The content is provided and curated by Adrian Krężlik and Kacper Radziszewski. The event is produced and serviced by Matej Hoppan, rese arch and Tomas Tholt, Faculty of Architecture, STU. In case you have any questions regarding the content, eligibility, tools, publishing etc., please, contact Ján. For request regarding arrival, accommodation, practical information and your wellbeing, please, contact Matej MJ H' PPan. The requirements We are looking for people keen on widely defined technology on the one hand, on the other those interested in parametric design and emerging design paradigms. If you find yourself proficient in: parametric design (viewed as aesthetics), 3d printing, robotics, scripting, architectural geometry, CAM technologies or woodworking then the event will be surely interesting for you. We do not require you to know any scripting language, yet it will be considered helpful. At the same time we seek for people with exceptional sense for aesthetics, as the final output will be designed together (not just by the project leaders). On the hardware/software side, we need you to bring your own laptop (we can supply the group with 1 spare laptop). We will work mainly with Rhino/Grasshopper, but any kind of CAD software may be also found helpful - depending mostly on your idea of your input to the project. We are open to communication about the project even before your period at rese arch LAB. We will soon launch a simple online platform for knowledge sharing and you will be invited to share your inputs, thoughts and suggestions. Publishing and dissemination rese arch strives to conduct a valuable architectural, artistic and technological research, collect knowledge and disseminate it on own online platforms and across the relevant online and paper magazines and books. Therefore the entire research process will have to be documented – including photo and video material, texts, pictures, drawings and digital files. This material will be archived at the rese arch knowledge base and published to be examined and used by academics and individuals around the world. The project and each document will be clearly credited to its author as well as to the project leader and fellowship group. The fellows will receive a certificate stating their participation in the research project and will be permanently mentioned as “at al”, including their full names in any further publishing of the project.

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