17 May
 444 Hume Street Middle Ridge Toowoomba
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 Madonna Sharpe
To renovate literally means to restore – to refresh and reinvigorate and that is exactly what this workshop is all about. To take a bird’s eye view of your life and see what needs to change. Does it need a few tweaks here and there – or does it need a complete overhaul and a fresh lick of paint? Honesty is a key component – whether you are evaluating a property or your life as a whole. What is its potential – with no limitations what could this be? If you do not see the truth of what is right in front of you – then you will not be able to see what is needed. You will be observing through judgements, conditioning, filters and images. Your view would be prejudiced, based on past experiences rather than the potential of new ones. To find a solution you must first see what is going on – you must know the facts. There are eight clear steps to be taken – which are not only the keys to renovating a property but are the keys to renovating your life. Objectively observing what is there – what are the key components? What is the structure built on? Is it a solid foundation? See its potential – no two properties are ever the same – just as no two people are ever the same – each is unique. With no limitations, what could it become? What can be improved upon and what needs to be released or completely replaced. Observing the truth of the situation, the bones you are working with, the complete potential and then learning to integrate the steps. What it would look like and what it would feel like once accomplished and then looking at the course of action – working back and see what steps would need to be taken and when. By the end of the day you will have tools that will support you in renovating, whether it’s your life or a property. Come and join Kathy Wise & Madonna Sharpe for a day of fun - learning and sharing and revamping!

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