Remembering "Dwight D. Vaughn" Stories for Houston!

 25 May
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 Sabrina Ireland
I would like for anyone who knew Dwight to share a story, event, or moment that involved Dwight that you can remember. I am going to put together a "journal" for Houston, Dwight's son so please keep in mind these need to be appropriate for him to read. I would really like for anyone on Facebook to share this event to other people that you think knew Dwight, please. Houston would like to know more things about his dad, I know that there are plenty of stories that many people can tell. My email is: you can e-mail me or message me on facebook with something i can copy and paste, or send a letter to Houston D. Vaughn P.O. Box 505 Goodman, Mo 64843. Thanks in advance. P.S. I would really like for Houston to be able to know more things about his dad.....

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